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Who was John Painter, Officer Shot and Killed Bridgewater College Shooting Victim


Who was John Painter, Officer Shot and Killed Bridgewater College Shooting Victim: Two dynamic officers have lost their lives in a shooting incident on Tuesday, this tragic news has devastated the public and their families, this tragic incident happened at Bridgewater College where two cops become the victims of the shooting outrage, their respected families are mourning right now and the public is in outrageous mood after listening to this incident, John Painter is one of the two police officials who have lost their lives on Tuesday incident, read this article as here the reader will get to know about the persona of John Painter and how he has been killed in the tragic incident. So read down the page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John Painter

Who was John Painter?

John was a man of charismatic personality and he was one of the dedicated officers in the department he did his job courageously as he was working in the department of the Bridgewater College Police in Virginia, but no one thought before this could happen to the beloved officer meanwhile, an investigation has been initiated to look over the tragic incident. Two casualties took place in the shooting incident which happened at the College in which John and his companion lost their precious lives.

John Painter: Officer Shot and Killed 

The brave officer of the police department responded to a suspicious call and he shot down to the death when he was looking for a suspicious man at the Memorial Hall but suddenly an outrage of shooting started at the cop in the open place and he died at that place, no much has been revealed by the police on this horrifying incident, however, the President of the Bridgewater College said that the two police officers who lost their lives in shooting incident were the best dynamic duo.

John Painter: Bridgewater College Shooting Victim

It is assumed that he was in a healthy relationship with each individual in the college as everyone has mourned his tragic death and many people have shown their sadness on social media as we have lost such a brave and great cop of this time. The respected department of the John has honored him after his death and early looking for the responsible for this tragic incident, police assured the families of the late cops that they will catch the murderers soon. Besides John, J.J Jefferson was the second cop who died in the incident, after the incident a suspicious person has been detained by the police reportedly his name is Alexander Wyatt Campbell and he has been levied with first-degree murder charges.

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