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Who was Jess Mudie, All About James Gargasoulas Killer – Bourke Street Tragedy Explained


Who was Jess Mudie, All About James Gargasoulas Killer – Bourke Street Tragedy Explained: There has been a sad demise of Jess Mudie at the age of 22, she was one of the Melbourne massacre’s five victims, she was also the sister of Emily Mudie and we are here to update you about her death and who she was as a person, she was a ‘badass’ young woman. She was someone who was having a promising future, she was one of the victims of the Melbourne massacre, this happened when Dimitriou’s Jimmy Gargasoulas who is at the age of 26, he has allegedly moved down dozens of people. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jess Mudie

Who was Jess Mudie?

There are fears that the death toll is going to increase, the family members of some of the victims have posted memorials for the lost loved ones with Jess Mudie at the age of 22, Matthew Si at the age of 33, Thalia Hakin at the age of 10 listed as three of his five victims.

Jess Mudie was a cocktail-obsessed “bright bubble of delight” on the rise as an insurance broker, relatives, and friends of Jess Mudie who is a 22-year-old Sydney woman who fought hard to live on but unfortunately she has lost her life in the tragic massacre.

James Gargasoulas Killer

She was one of the six siblings who had just returned from a summer vacation at the beach, brunching with friends, spending Christmas with family, and running in the new year at Rose Bay’s Catalina restaurant, she was visiting from Sydney where she grew up and she came there to enjoy her time.

Bourke Street Tragedy Explained

There are people who are providing her tributes on the internet and many of them have stated that she was a lovely person, she was the kind of person who brought chocolates for everyone at the office and she used to make everyone laugh.

It seems like she has become the latest victim of the massacre and it is just sad that so many people are fighting for their lives and many have already died, this day is not going to be forgotten and it is going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, she is always going to be missed by everyone who has known her personally and also the whole world as she has died so tragically. May her soul rest in peace.

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