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Who was Jerrick Jackson and what was his cause of death?


Who was Jerrick Jackson and what was his cause of death?: A murder case that took place back in 2013 shocked the entire Atlanta city in which Jerrick Jackson was the victim who was shot to death. Jerrick Jackson was the brother of Wiley Jackson who is a prominent bishop of Atlanta church. Now this news has gained the attention of the people once again since people have watched The Real Murder in Atlanta was aired on Oxygen Channel Sunday around 8:00 PM. Kindly read down the article till the end to learn about Jerrick Jackson and how did he die and who was the culprit who shot him to death. So go through all the sections of this article to learn answers to the questions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jerrick Jackson

Who was Jerrick Jackson?

The murder crime of 2013 in Atlanta shocked the entire community in which a super ministerial dynasty’s family member lost his life. The case came to know when a call was made on 911 by an anonymous person at midnight on 7th May 2013 and this news took over the internet by storm as the victim of that incident was a wealthy person of Atlanta named Jerrick Jackson. To learn what was his age at the time of his murder in 2013 kindly read down the further section of the article.

How did Jerrick Jackson die?

According to the reports, he was 47 years of age at the time of his demise, he was shot multiple gunshots in the torso area. This report was given by Richard Randolph who was Fulton County Attorney at that point in time. Jerrick was also rushed to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment but he could not sustain the pain of the severe wounds of the gunfire. This case was in the media’s limelight as he was a renowned personality who was best known for being a younger brother of a megachurch pastor named Willie Jackson. According to his fiancee named Kimberly Little, he was followed by several men who robbed the valuable commodities of Jerrick Jackson at gunpoint. And when robbers tried to go inside the home Jerrick halted them but they shot him several times.

Jerrick Jackson Death Cause

Jerrick Jackson handed off his life in hospital. And the suspect of the murder case of Jerrick Jackson later got apprehended by the cops. Montravious Bradley, Lewis Bradley, Pitt, Morgan, and Felton Lovejoy were the suspects who were arrested by the police for making conspiracy to kill Jerrick Jackson. All the suspects have been found guilty in the murder case and have been convicted by the court.

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