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Who was James Derek Lovelace and what was his cause of death? Navy SEAL candidate dead after Hell Week test


Who was James Derek Lovelace and what was his cause of death? Navy SEAL candidate dead after Hell Week test: A tragic incident has been placed recently in which a seaman died, once back in 2016 in May a seaman named James Derek Lovelace was died due to drowning during a training exercise of SEAL and now the same accident has happened on 4th February 2022 in which a trainee has been passed away after doing Hell Week practice exercise. Read down the article to learn how seaman James Derek Lovelace died? and you will also get some insights into his persona so scroll down the screen and fetch all the imperative details regarding the death cause of James Derek Lovelace. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hell Week

Who was James Derek Lovelace?

It has been known that James Derek Lovelace died due to drowning, he was a Navy SEAL trainee before dying in a tragic accident which was happened on 6th May 2016. When James passed away in the drowning accident he was just 21 years of age. It reported that James was practicing a pool exercise when he drowned and later an investigation was held for the devastating accident The investigation concluded that James drowned due to the excess and stressful pool exercise and aggressive instructors might be the reason behind his stressful exercise in the pool. The medical report also revealed that James was suffering from cardiomegaly, in this condition patient’s heart become enlarged. While some claimed that he was struggling during the exercise as his face turned purple and his lip became blue.

James Derek Lovelace Death Cause

Recently a death was registered on 4th February 2022 with the same cause of death as of James’ death cause, it is reported that a Navy SEAL trainee passed away after completing the Hell Week exercise and the late seaman was identified as Kyle Mullen who was 24 years of age on Sunday. Further, it has been known to us that Mullen was the part of the military since last year. When he was found unresponsive he was rushed to the hospital which is not so far from San Diego.

The death cause of seaman Kyle has been revealed yet as the case is still under investigation. However, Kyle fell ill after he manage to complete the Hell Week test successfully for the first phase of assessment and selection for the BUD/S class. If we talk about the James case Navy department official said that James’ case wasn’t a crime and the Navy will not levy murder charges against the instructor. Stay tuned for more updates on this page.

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