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Who was Jake Millar and what was his cause of death? Unfiltered founder found dead in Kenya


Who was Jake Millar and what was his cause of death? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more Unfiltered founder found dead in Kenya: Jake Millar who is the co-founder of Unfiltered and Oompher, has suddenly passed away and the cause of his death is revealed to be either suicide or an accident, here is everything that you need to know about the case. Jake Millar was a New Zealand-born and based entrepreneur who started his own start-up businesses named Oompher and Unfiltered. There are many people who do so but what makes Jake special is the fact that he started this when he was just a teenager and at the age of 26, he became a millionaire, he started off with the application Oompher where we could upload and see different motivational videos. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jake Millar

Jake Millar Death Cause

His main work, Unfiltered had the same basis of work but it increased its services to live events and it started to reach the international market, he sold his first product, Oompher to the Ministry of Education. He was having a great life professionally and people around him were expecting him to grow even bigger. It seems like everything has come to a stop after the news came of his demise, concerns regarding his death are at their peak on the internet, people are speculating many things on social media sites. Some are stating it to be a suicide, some are stating it to be a disappearance.

Who was Jake Millar?

Jake Millar was a young entrepreneur who is at the age of 26, he is popular for his amazing startup businesses, when he was a teenager, he became a start-up entrepreneur and started his business with the platform Oompher which was later sold to the ministry of education. His other platform, the new and better Unfiltered made him a very renowned businessman and worth millions of dollars.

Jake Millar Death From Suicide Or Accident?

There have been multiple web sources and renowned people who have confirmed that the young entrepreneur Jake Millar is dead, none of the sources has posted anything about how he died or what actually happened, it has been stated that he died in Kenya, there are many who have stated that he has disappeared in Africa and he was suddenly found in Kenya.

People are expecting that he had some accident or has he committed suicide, none of these things have any kind of confirming towards themselves, these are just assumptions, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, he is always going to be missed, may his soul rest in peace.

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