Home News Who was Isla Caton and what was her cause of death?

Who was Isla Caton and what was her cause of death?


Who was Isla Caton and what was her cause of death? Isla Caton’s heroic battle with the rare child cancer neuroblastoma got hit headlines in 2022 news. Many people supported her to save a child’s life. Many donated money to her just for saving her life. but the treatment could not work out. For saving the child’s life, Tyson Fury and Declan Rice were just a few big names who fully support them. but after some weeks, Isla Caton sadly lost her life to the disease. her passing away news was shared by Ials’s parents on Twitter. It was the heaviest news to the broken hearts of the lovers of Isla. Isla’s parents sadly announced, “Isla gained her angel wings early hours of this morning”. It was very peaceful and surrounded by the continued love of Nicola, Michael & Millie”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Isla Caton

Who was Isla Caton?

Isla was a seven-year-old girl from Hornchurch Essex. The girl was born into a West Ham-loving household. she had a very heroic battle with cancer, which caught the club’s attention. Isla got her treatment at Great Ormond Street, Hospital in London. she also went to Spain for her treatment undergoing numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and many other treatments.

The girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer. Neuroblastoma mostly affects babies and young-aged children, and that is how Isla got infected by cancer. she survived very long with cancer but innocent could not defeat it. Isla was affected by neuroblastoma at the age of Two.

Isla Caton Death Cause

West Ham gave a tribute to Isla on Tuesday:(January 25). when the West Ham United family knew that “The Isla has passed away” they could not able to die just the reality. Everyone’s heart has been broken bypassing her. Ham United family was trying to console Isla’s parents. The biggest sympathies for Isla’s parents Nicola and Michael were continued support by West Ham and their close relatives and friends.

Isla passed away at 3:15 am on 25 January 2022, surrounded by those who cared and loved Isla. Isla has gone away but her sweet memories would never go. Her legacy will live forever. she created a very important part in everyone’s heart with her lovely smile. She was not only an ordinary girl but she was an angel who did unite the world in a single strength. she could never be forgotten.

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