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Who was Hayden Regal and what was his cause of death? Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football Player Dead


Who was Hayden Regal and what was his cause of death? Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football Player Dead: Hayden Regal death news seems to be circulating among the netizens, the sudden death of a Young Football player has broken the heart of many, people were pretty curious to know about who is Hyden Regal and why has he been trending on social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hayden Regal

Who was Hayden Regal?

According to social media, Hayden Regal was a member of Seneca Valley and Raider Nation Football, he was the favorite player and a lovely friend of the entire school, it seems like all of his friends, teachers are completely heartbroken after hearing the news of his death.

According to the Facebook page of Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football, Hayden Regal has died on Wednesday dating to 15th December, he had been part of the Football program since the year 2017 as a manager, ball boy, and a player, he has four members in his family including him.

The name of his parents are Walt and Kim and he has a lovely sister named Maddie, his close ones have also created a GoFundMe page in order to support his family.

Hayden Regal Death Cause

It seems like the internet has been hit hard by the death of Hayden Regal, the news has been circulating on the internet and the entire Football community of his school is in deep sorrow, he was a lovely and young Footballer having a cute and adorable smile, he was loved by his teammates, coaches, friends, and teachers as a hard-working, fun-loving and a loyal man.

Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football has written on Facebook, “Hayden was Methodist by faith. He was an athlete and participated in numerous Seneca Valley sports teams including, football, playing both quarterback and outside linebacker positions, and baseball where he played catcher. He was also a member of the Hardcore Elite 2025 National Team where he played catcher. Hayden was also formerly a member of the wrestling team. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and golf. Hayden taught his father how to coach and love the game of baseball. He was a proud Momma’s boy and he looked up to his sister, Madison. He loved his two dogs. Hayden will be lovingly remembered and dearly missed by his family and friends.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, he is always going to be remembered, may his soul rest in peace. He is always going to be remembered.

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