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Who was Haydar Dümen and what was his cause of death? Turkish Physician dead


Who was Haydar Dümen and what was his cause of death? Turkish Physician dead: Sadly to announce that Dr. Haydar Dumen, a psychiatrist had died recently. The death cause was COVID-19. His body was buried yesterday. Post writer Mehmet Coskundeniz passed the statement that Haydar Dumen’s wife Gul Dumen is also receiving coronavirus treatment. The famous writer named Haydar Dumen left this world at the age of 91. His body was buried yesterday. Columnist Mehmet Coskundeniz, with whom he worked for the same newspaper, reported his death from his social media account. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Haydar Dümen

Who was Haydar Dümen?

Those who were students to Haydar Dumen say, we lost our great teacher Haydar Dumen the author of the posta newspaper due to covid-19. He was a well-known personality author in Turkey. He was popular not for his articles but also for his love of animals. Some known people said he was very fond of animals and sometimes he has own pert that he loves to play with him. During the Turk live broadcast, Haydar Dumen’s wife received news that Gul Dumen, was also receiving Coronavirus treatment at the hospital. When he heard the news many were shocked.

Haydar Dümen Death Cause

In the village of lki Saray in Usak, Haydar Dumen was born in 1931. He remained with a family in another village to study because the village where he resided lacked a basic school. He completed his secondary education and second year of high school in Usak. Since his senior year of high school, he had been studying science in Afyon.

When he was graduated from high school in 1948, he went to Istanbul to study at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and graduated in 1955. In 1958, he received his specialty diploma in neurology and psychiatry as a neuropsychiatry specialist. He retired in 1980 after working in public hospitals for 25 years. He worked as a chief Takism Ilkyardim Training and Research Hospital until 1980. He was appointed to Samsun as an exile because of the article. Disclosure of Mentally Ills is not correct in Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

How did Haydar Dümen die?

He entered the research and literary life where he attracted attention especially with the books he wrote on sexuality. His madness started there through writing. She gave speeches and interviews on sexual problems, especially in the media. He worked as a columnist for newspapers listening to people like Haydar Dumen and Guzin Abla. They had a wide relationship since he answered the problems about sexual life through writing for a long time. Now, Haydar has written 23 books. He became the best author in the world. But hearing his death news, broke people’s hearts. May his soul rest in peace.

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