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Who was Harvey G. Stack and what was his cause of death? Numismatic Icon Passed Away


Who was Harvey G. Stack and what was his cause of death? Numismatic Icon Passed Away: We announce with great sadness our friend and founder Harvey G. Stack has passed away on January 3, 2022. He is a great collector, Dealer, Numismatic organization. He is very kind his colleagues will never be forgotten. Harvey was born on June 03, 1928, in Manhattan. Morton M.stack and Muriel stack his sons they grew up in Bronx and Jamaica, New York, and NYU. He spends his life near his family and around numismatic. Harvey’s stack and his uncle Joseph built a business of rare coin collection in 1933 at 690 sixth Avenue in Manhattan. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Harvey G. Stack

Who was Harvey G. Stack?

The first auction presenting by them in 1935, Which makes the good reputation and they get quick progress in work. Harvey start work at a young age, when he was in school. In 1947 he went to work full time for Stack’s Rare Coins, He spend more than 70 years in this business. The second generation of the family also joins the business. Harvey worked alongside his father and uncle, His cousin Norman and Benjamin, supported by a staff of experts that comprised the most well-known professional in numismatic of the 20th century.

Harvey G. Stack Death Cause

Stack’s moved to a gallery in 1953 at 123 West 57th Street, This location become popular in 60 years. known as: “clubhouse” Harvey’s had so many responsibilities, He assists clients in the store, travels for pick collections, and attends the convention and coin
shows, cataloging auction lots, auctioneering, and so much work that needed to be done. He become an expert in any area of numismatic and become able to translate his good, warm and jovial personality into a long-term relationship with collectors and the College who worked with him.

How did Harvey G. Stack die?

World war 2nd made great growth of Stacks. Massachusetts Historical Society, Sumel Wolfson, and George Walton, as well as conducting public auctions in conjunction with major numismatic shows including Metropolitan New York conversations. Harvey’s and his family make some greatest collections of their time. Including the cabinet of gold coins assembled by Josiah K.Lilly, chairman of Eli Lilly &co. a pharmaceutical company. In 1966 After the death of Lilly, The collection of over 6000 coins become the part of National Numismatic collection by the process aided by Harvey and other members of the stack family at the Smithsonian. Harvey and the stack family built a strong relationship with Louis E.Eliasberg, Sr. who accumulated the only complete collection of United States coins ever formed.

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