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Who was Hannah Price Daughtry and what was her cause of death? Explained


Who was Hannah Price Daughtry and what was her cause of death? Explained: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about the famous singer Chris Daughtry’s daughter Hannah, that she has passed away suddenly on Friday. Yes, you read it right that the singer’s 25 years old left the world. After getting the news of his daughter’s demise, he immediately delayed all his scheduled shows for the coming week and left for his home. It is the saddest news for the singer and all his family members. The whole family is completely heartbroken right now as they lost their young child so soon. People are mourning her death. Here are some essential details about Chris Daughtry’s daughter Hannah. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Chris Daughtry and Deanna Daughtry Daughter

Who was Hannah Price Daughtry?

As per the sources, 25 years old, Hannah died unexpectedly on 12 November 2021. The Nashville Police Department reported that Hannah was found dead in her Nashville home on Friday. A representative for the singer stated, “Due to the unexpected death of Chris and Deanna Daughtry’s daughter, Hannah, all currently scheduled shows for the coming week for Daughtry have been postponed.” Chris wants to be with his family in this tough time. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Many big celebrities are forwarding prayers and thoughts to Chris and his family.


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Talking about Hannah, so she was 25 years old young girl. She was born on 07 September 1996. She was the step-daughter of Chris Daughtry. Her mother’s name is Deanna Daughtry. She also has a brother whose name is Griffin and is 23 years old. As per the sources, she was active on Instagram and had her account name goes under @americangoth. Her bio reads only “ME”, there are no further details that have been shared about her. She had posted so many pictures on her Insta handle and after seeing this, it seems like she had a daughter.

Hannah Price Daughtry Death Reason

There is one post that was shared on 25 February, it shows a baby’s birthday who turned 1 in 2021. There are no pictures of her with her mom and dad. The family requested privacy after the sudden demise of Hannah. Chris and Deanna got married in November 2000. Deanna has two children from her previous marriage, Hannah and Griffin. The couple has twins together in November 2010. When Hannah was young, she appeared several times with her father on the red carpet. Deanna’s sudden death has come out as a huge loss to her family. She died on Friday, (12 November). May her soul Rest In Peace. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

We are here with the sudden and most saddened demise of the Daughter of the most renowned musician Chris Daughtry. He lost his stepdaughter and mourning her demise. This is a hard time for him. The demise of her daughter is circulating the social media platforms and many of her followers are paying tribute to her. She lost her life on November 12, 2021. Everyone is searching to know about the death reason of her and in this article, we will going to update you with the death reason of Chri’s stepdaughter.

When Chris cancels his concerts and returned back to his home he posted a death confirmation of his daughter. Well before him, the death news of her has been confirmed by her mother named Hannah who took to Instagram for sharing the death news of her daughter.

She posted a picture of her daughter in which she wrote a caption, “My first baby I love you a lot my dearests. And the entire family is like to thank all the efforts and outpouring of your love and the loss of our daughter is unbearable for us. We are so hurt and this is the most difficult time for us. You will be missed greatly my dearest one.”

Who was Hannah Price?

She was the daughter of a renowned personality and a musician whose name is Deanna and her biological father is Randall Scott Price but he also left the world in 2018. Chris when returned back to his home from a tour get to know about the demise poof his stepdaughter then he posted this on his Instagram platform.

How does Hannah Met a Death?

So there is a chance that he might be going to cancel all the tours this year. And may not be going to attend any of his tours. Let us also tell you that she has been murdered by her boyfriend and he use to kill her for some personal issues. Now the police have been active and they are now investigating the matter very deeply. And the reason behind the murder will be going to be unveiled later.

So let us also tell you that the deep investigation report will be going to be revealed later. So stay tuned to us by following and bookmarking our site.

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