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Who was Frederick Cecil McLean and what was his cause of death? US Fugitive Found Dead in South Carolina


Who was Frederick Cecil McLean and what was his cause of death? US Fugitive Found Dead in South Carolina: Frederick Cecil McLean was a most wanted American criminal, the US Marshals were after him since the year 2005 but he went on a run for 16 years, Cecil used various aliases and lived in different communities, although the Marshals declared him a fugitive and were searching for him continuously, they did not find him alive. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Frederick Cecil McLean

Who was Frederick Cecil McLean?

Frederick had died at the time and his body was discovered by the neighbor on 6th November 2021, when she found it, the body had started decomposing, the authorities took his body for post mortem and his death was caused by natural reasons, they found out that he was fugitive after matching his fingerprint in the police database.

He is not featured on Wikipedia, the details can be found on the US Marshal’s official website, he was a white male with a height of 5 feet 11 inches, Cecil weighed around 77 kg and had hazel-colored eyes and brown hair, he was on the run from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department since the year 2005.

Frederick Cecil McLean Death Cause

The police could not detain him and thus, he joined the US Marshals service 15 most wanted fugitive list in the year 2006, he was being searched at the time for multiple counts of sexual assault, during his run, McLean lived in Poughkeepsie in New York and Anderson and used different aliases, for the last 15 years, he was residing in South Carolina as James Fitzgerald.

The police forces were determined to bring him to justice but they could not find him and the case turned pretty cold until his body was recovered, his body was found on 6th November 2021, his acute date of death is not known but he has died at the age of 70, he passed away at his home in Southern California where he lived as James Fitzgerald.

How did Frederick Cecil McLean die?

His body was decomposing at the time it was found by the neighbors, they immediately called the authorities and the police did an autopsy on 15th November, the experts conducted fingerprints analysis test, it was later found that he was a dead man who was a fugitive, he was being searched for cases of sexual assault.

He was the person who committed some serious crimes for about 25 years, he molested many young females and children who were below 18 years of age, there are at least eight victims who have come forward, McLean selected the victims via his interaction with the people in the church, when his crimes were reported, he ran away with $100,000 in cash.

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