Home News Who was Eric Rohan Justin and what was her cause of death?

Who was Eric Rohan Justin and what was her cause of death?


Who was Eric Rohan Justin and what was her cause of death?: Ana Majuty is highly known as the most renowned Tik Tok star, but something wrong took place with her due to which she is now making the news headlines and also circulating on the web. When Eric Rohan Justin has appeared on the web she started to e making rounds. There must be several questions roaming on your head reading the same, so you are at the right platform as we are all going to keep you updated with the entire news about her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Eric Rohan Justin

Who was Eric Rohan Justin?

Justin was 18 years old who was from Ellicott City, which is situated in Maryland. In the year 2020 Majury was 14 years old and it has been noticed that one of the users kept on posting comments tO her Tik Tok videos. This issue is none other than Eric Justin. Yes, you have read ot right. Justin used to message her on Snapchat and even on Instagram too. He also turned up to the online games she used to play along with her siblings. Her family has no issues with her selling his pictures for $300 for two photos. On 10th July 2020, Justin showed up at the Mjaury’s family home in Naples, Florida with a shotgun.

Eric Rohan Justin Death Cause

Justin went to her home and then he used to be open the door of her house but the weapon he had in his hand was jammed. Ava’s father, who is 51, Rob Majury, a quiet police lieutenant, chased him off but struggled. He has given his statement to the police reads that “he back to the house and tried to be gran the weapon from Justin’s hand.” He was there with his family and stood up like a guard at the family’s door awaiting for Justin to be back soon. When he was back at the scene Rob told him to drop his gun but Justin was stubborn and he kept on pointing a gun at him Rob then shot him. He had died at the spot.

Is Ava Majury still on TikTok?

Her family is now shifted to Florida in 2019, and the girl is still on the app. Now she is even set there and making the several contents on also gaining a good amount for sponsoring things. Her family is there to support her and she keeps going on and on.

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