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Who was Egypt Covington and what was his cause of death? killers, autopsy photos, boyfriend


Who was Egypt Covington and what was his cause of death? killers, autopsy photos, boyfriend: Stories of mysterious murders are always a keen subject and seen in several movies. But one story of Egypt Covington will open the eyes of the readers. Her story is quite mysterious as this singer was found dead in the year 2017 and her death is a mystery. According to the reports, Egypt Covington was a singer who hailed from Michigan, in the year 2017 she was found dead and as per the investigation report, she was shot dead and her mystery of the murder is remains to be solved. However, several investigations were lodged in this regard, even a private detective was hired to solve this unsolved and mysterious murder, but still, there is not any progress is happened in this case since past years. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Egypt Covington

Egypt Covington killers, autopsy photos, boyfriend

In the popular show “The Wrong Door”, Andrea Canning goes towards the city of a home of Egypt. Andrea wanted to search for some clues that could spread some light upon this mysterious case. In search of this investigation, Andrea talked to the parents of Egypt, Tina, and Chuck. Her brother, D’Wyane was also questioned and the boyfriend of Egypt, Curtis Meadows, and a few eye witness (the close friends of Egypt) was investigated.

Egypt Covington

According to Andrea, the show will be airing the episode soon. She will also disclose the never heard prior to audio that the family of Egypt gave to their private investigator. Seems like people are eagerly fascinated by some progress in this mysterious murder case will get to know more in detail than what exactly has happened.

Egypt Covington

Who was Egypt Covington?

Egypt was an ambitious singer and served as an account manager at Rave Associates. She was kind-hearted and an active person. In fact, when she was found dead, a firm called “Arbor Brewing Company released an IPA in her name. The term IPA stands for “A Girl named Egypt”. They even released a statement about her that reads “Egypt possessed an energy that gives the inspiration to everyone she touched. She was very fond of music and was fast to show compassion to those less sad than her. We are proud to call her a companion.”

Egypt Covington death killers, autopsy photos, boyfriend

However, the authorities did not get any update on who can be the murderer be, but they have taken 3 people in detain, Shane Lamar Evans, Timothy Eugene Moore, and Shandon Ray Groom. Egypt was found dead with a gunshot over her head. A cushion was discovered nearby to her corpse which had a hole of a bullet. It is asserted that someone used it to eliminate the voice of the bullet. She had Christmas props in her hands when her body was found dead. Her murder is still a mystery which cops and investigating team are attempting to solve. Hopefully, the name of the suspects came into the media.

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