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Who was Dr. Manjunath Desai and what was his cause of death? famous Goa Cardiologist dies


Who was Dr. Manjunath Desai and what was his cause of death? famous Goa Cardiologist dies: It seems like there has been a sad demise of Dr. Manjunath Dessai, his news has hit the headlines and it is coming from Twitter social media, he was a well-known cardiologist in India, he got fame because of his qualifications and his experience in the medical field, he served as the acting head of Goa Medical College’s Cardiology Department. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dr. Manjunath Desai

Dr. Manjunath Desai: Famous Goa Cardiologist dies

It has been stated by one of the users on Twitter that he was the backbone of GMC, the whole hospital and staff are in total shock as to what has happened and there are many people who are left wondering about the reason for his death. The news has left many of his well-wishers in total shock, his legacy will going to remain alive through all the lives he has touched.

He is going to be immortal because of the good deeds that he has done for the community, his patients are always going to keep him in their hearts, he has helped to save so many lives but unfortunately, he has died.

Who was Dr. Manjunath Desai?

He was a famous cardiologist and a doctor of Goa’s Medical College, he was in his 30s, he has performed many complex surgeries in his life, he has saved many lives because of his vast knowledge, he recently received media coverage for saving the life of a nine-month-old baby who was previously considered unlikely due to his rare cardiac condition but he took the case into his hands and he performed the surgery.

He has dedicated his whole life to helping others, he is going to be greatly missed by all of the people who knew him.

Dr Manjunath Desai Death Reason

The reason for his death hasn’t been stated by the hospital or his family, it seems like everyone is in total shock and it is our humble request to the users, not to disturb the family of the deceased, they must be going through a rough time and it is better not to disturb them and give them so time to settle a bit.

Dr Manjunath Desai Achievements

He has helped the government several times and he has been admired for setting up the best cardiology units at @GoaGmc, he is always going to be remembered for all of his efforts to help the patients to live to their fullest potential, there are many political leaders in Goa who have to provide a tribute to the lost soul, he is always going to be missed.

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