Home News Who was Dean Zayas and what was his cause of death?

Who was Dean Zayas and what was his cause of death?


Who was Dean Zayas and what was his cause of death?: On Thursday, this afternoon, the actor and theater director Dean Zayas passed away. He was known for his great role in the entertainment industry. Many people still know him from the very beginning when he just started out in the film industry. Dean Zayas was the actor, theater director, producer, moderator of Estudio Actoral. He left this beautiful world when he was sleeping. No one knows what’s the cause of his death. He died at the age of 83. He was very sick and very tired when he came back after completing his work. At the time of his death, he was in the Caparra Senior Living and Memory Care Home in Bayamon where he lived surrounded by his family and friends. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Dean Zayas

Who was Dean Zayas?

Dean Zayas was born in Barrio Canas in Caguas. His father was a farmer who spend most of his time farming and making a living for their own and for their family. They love to read books related to farming cuz their work in agriculture. So, we assume that they read books only related to farming. By watching his father’s activities, Dean was started to read books and becomes an avid reader. Dean had a lively imagination and made up imaginary companions.

He would converse with himself while pretending to converse with someone else. He built extensive stories about himself and his imaginary pals as a result of his continual reading skills and the talks he had with himself, and he turned those stories into plays that he would present for his family. His father decided to take him to a local radio station when he was in fifth grade, where he was able to talk on a farming-themed radio show.

Dean Zayas Death Cause

Dean’s sister helped him get a part in Federico Garcia Lorca’s play La Zpatera Prodiogiosa, which he saw before he was 11 years old. His mother died soon after, and he and his sisters relocated to New York City. Zayas attended junior and senior high school in the United States before enrolling at Princeton University. Later in life, I attended New York University. Zayas Pereira worked in a company’s publicity department in between his studies at those universities.

Rest in peace, the teacher said Fernan Velez better known as El Nalgorazzi. Similarly, the actor Junior Alvarez also made a publication on his Facebook account. Thank you teacher for being part of our life. We are going to miss you a lot. May his soul rest in peace.

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