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Who was Darren Lund and what was his cause of death? Education trailblazer and LGBTQ advocate Dead


Who was Darren Lund and what was his cause of death? Education trailblazer and LGBTQ advocate Dead: There has been a sad demise of Dr. Darren Lund who has passed away recently, it seems like we all have lost a legendary teacher after he had a long battle with prostate cancer, he was the founder of the students and teacher opposing prejudice, he has a wide base of followers who have regarded him all these years for his amazing teaching skills and his great knowledge. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Darren Lund

Who was Darren Lund?

Darren Lund is a professor at Werklund school of education, he was working in the teaching field for more than 16 years, it has been confirmed by many sources that he started off his journey through Red Deer in Alberta, he graduated from the University of Calgary, he later completed his Ph.D. through the University of Columbia.

Darren started off Alberta’s first-ever GSA in Red Deer, he went on to share his beliefs in equity, advocacy, and inclusion with hundreds and hundreds of teachers are across this province, Alberta seems to be a better place for him, Dr. Darran Lund has been well known for his teachings and his wisdom.

Darren Lund Death Reason

His death has been a great shock for many of his students, his family, and friends, on social media platforms, people have been sharing their tributes on the internet, people have been showing deep condolences to the family, there is no doubt that his contribution to the society which cannot be matched by anyone.

He had a very polite and passionate behavior towards work which has brought upon so much recognition in his life, there are some sources that have claimed that his death was caused due to cancer, it seems social media has been flooded with tributes for the doctor who has done so much for the students and has helped so many to make have a successful career.

He is always going to be missed by everyone, he was one of the best teachers to ever teach and this is known by the people who he was teaching at the time of his tenure when students respect you out of love and not out of fear, that shows what a great teacher someone is.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, may his soul rest in peace.

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