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Who Was Daniel Vanheyst, ECO Tree Care Death- Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa Video Explained


Who Was Daniel Vanheyst, ECO Tree Care Death- Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa Video Explained: A piece of shocking news has come to the headlines recently about a contract worker who has died after being involved in a fatal incident. The news of his death has been circulating all over the internet. The incident was really brutal and took someone’s life. After getting the news of the man’s death, his family is in a state of shock right now. As soon as the news of the contractor’s death has come out, people have been mourning his death, they also expressed their condolences to the family of the victim. In this article, we have brought all details about what exactly happened to him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Daniel Vanheyst

Eco Tree Care Death

As per the exclusive reports, a contract worker has died who was called for removing trees in Oshawa on Wednesday after an incident involving a wood chipper. The incident took place in the area of Waverly Street North near Adelaide Avenue West in the city’s McLaughlin neighborhood at around 8:45 am. The company named Eco Tree Care was hired by the city of Oshawa to remove nearby emerald ash trees, which often house the aggressive wood-boring beetle of the same name. Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa

Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa

Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa Video

A disturbed neighbor who was capturing the tree removal on his phone told CTV News Toronto that he witnessed the worker get partially pulled into the wood chipper. Later, it was confirmed by the Durham police that the arborist was pronounced dead at the scene. The director of operations for the City of Oshawa, Mike Saulnier stated, “For us, the group, they’re an extended part of our family so when something like this tragic happens it just — our heartfelt condolences and our hearts go out to the family. This is very hard to deal with,”

Wood Chipper Accident Oshawa

Who Was Daniel Vanheyst?

He added that there is no such place for an incident like this to occur and that’s why it is very hard for them to digest this incident. Now, the investigation of the incident is ongoing by the Ministry of Labor of Ontario. Also, the type of equipment that was used to remove the tree is under investigation. The incident happened on Wednesday morning in which a contract worker died following an incident. However, the identity of the victim is not revealed yet. We are waiting for more details about the investigation, we’ll let you know for sure once it came. We hope that God will give courage to the victim’s family and dear ones. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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