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Who was Christy Lee Giles and what was her cause of death? Woman Found Dead In Her Home


Who was Christy Lee Giles and what was her cause of death? Woman Found Dead In Her Home: An entangled case is currently drawing the attention of the netizens and raising many questions. As per the reports, a 44-year-old lady named Christy Lee Giles has been found demised at her home just a day back to her 45th birthday. In the present report, it is mentioned that Christy Lee Giles was a lady who was dealing with serious mental health issues. She has been suffering from such mental problems for several years but never got the proper treatment. Giles visited many hospitals and asked for treatment but all of them failed to help her and would send her back after a couple of weeks of admission. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Christy Lee Giles

Who was Christy Lee Giles?

After several failed tries to make her okay, Christy was found demised at her home on 27th September 2021. This incident eventually has grown concerns about the situation of mental health problems in our society and why people neglect such serious problems, the individuals are curious to know more about Christy Lee Giles.

Christy Lee Giles Death Cause And Obituary 

Christy Lee Giles was found demised at her residence and the obituary confirms her demise in the month of September of 2021. Talking about the cause of the death of Giles, it is believed to be suicide since the information available on GoFundMe mentions Christy taking her life. She was suffering from serious mental health issues but no one could help in the treatment including the hospitals.

All the treatment centers would discharge her only a couple of weeks after the admission and would say her to rest at home. With all these incidents and the inability to get free from the issues, she decides to take the drastic step and ends her own life by committing suicide.

Christy Lee Giles Age and Family

The age of Christy Lee Giles was 44 years old at the time of her demise. She has passed away on 27th September 2021 which is reported to be 1 day prior to her 45th birthday. From this, we can calculate her birthday to be 28th September 1976. Anything other than her age such as her personal life, the background is not disclosed yet.

Speaking about her family, she was mentioned to have a daughter named Cleo Giles. Cleo is 23-years-old and the fundraiser is created by her aunt Cindy Giles to assist her in the funeral of Christy. There are no details about her husband being informed yet.

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