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Who Was Charlie Cojuangco And What Was His Cause Of Death? Tarlac Rep. Dead At 58


Who was Charlie Cojuangco and what was his cause of death? Tarlac Rep. dead at 58: A lethal accident has taken the life of a renowned person. As per the latest report, Tarlac 1st District Representative, Charlie Cojuangco has passed away recently in an accident. His unexpected demise has shocked his followers and family members. Several might recall Charlie as the son of Eduardo Cojuanco Jr., a deceased businessman, and politician. He was loved by the people for his positive information ideas and is praised for the contribution of his and his family to the country. People have taken social media to express their condolences and sympathy to the grieving family. People are recalling the positive result he has brought in Tarlac with his passion and hard work. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Charlie Cojuangco

Charlie Cojuangco Death Cause

The death of Charlie has shocked the whole nation of the Philippines; the reason behind his demise of him is due to the car accident which he suffered on the race circuit. According to the reports, while driving he suffered an aneurysm, which directs to the accident. This tragic incident happened shortly after his marriage to his 2nd wife named China.


His demise news was officially shared by his wife through her social media handle. After the accident, he was taken to the hospital and went on surgery. Unfortunately, he lost his life as the lethal accident caused severe injuries. His demise is watched as a great loss to the politics of the Philippines as he represented several voices that were underrepresented. His love toward his citizen and family is very well known to the public. His demise has left a big emptiness that will be hard to fill for any person as Charlie managed to take care of all the voices against or for him.

Who Was Charlie Cojuangco? Wife And Son

The wife of Charlie is China Jocson, she was the one who shared the sad news with the rest of the world. Charlie has two children Jaime and Claudia who were very close to him. The whole family is shattered by his demise. Prior to marrying China, he was wedded to Rio Diaz, though their relationship ended in the year 2004. Charlie was not married for several years but later on, decided to get marry China in the year 2021, but unfortunately, their marriage did not last long due to the accident of Charlie which takes his life.

Charlie belongs to a political family and his wife China is also engaged in governmental works. Hence it can be stated that the family members of Conjuangco are forward to their populace all the time. The dedication and commitment to the nation were something that made Charlie famous among the people.

Manila Phillippines: Talc 1st District Representative Carlos “Charlie” Cojuangco has passed away at 59 age. 

The Representative’s wife confirmed the news that Charlie is no more with us. he has passed away. she confirmed the news on Tuesday.

What did the Representative’s wife say?

she said, ‘it is a heavy heart that we regret to inform you that my husband, Claudia and Jamie’s father, Carlos ‘charlie’ Cojuangco has passed away, his wife china johnson said on her Facebook post. she also said, definitely detail of the wake will be announced soon.

what did do Cojuangco in his career

Cojuangco was the first representative of Tarlac’s first district. he also served as a representative of the 4th district of negros Occidental. conjunto was also chairperson of the house committee on flagship programs and projects and the vice-chairperson of the committee on appropriations.

Cojuangco was the son of the late former Tarlac governor and 1st district representative Eduardo Cojuangco jr. former governor has died in June 2020.

cause of Rapper’s death

Cojuangco and johnson was get married last year in October. The wife of the rapper johnson has not mentioned the cause of Cojuangco’s death in her Facebook post. she just confirm the rapper as dead.

lawmaker family said, ‘we would like to memorialize him by celebrating his wonderful life at the Heritage Memorial Park from Wednesday to Friday, Feb 23 to 25 at 9 am to midnight, and in Tarlac on Saturday, Feb 26 at 10 am to midnight.

Cojuangco family is thankful to the public for their support and prayer for Cojuangco. rather than they are thankful for being given support by each and every person who did support to them in this difficult time.

Cojuangco was also a member of the House panels on the basis of conversation, information and communication technology, inter-parliamentary relations and diplomacy, public works, and highways and transportation.

Among all things, he was the principal author of 19 bills and a co-author of 17 other proposed measures in the 18th congress.

as per some unofficial reports, Cojuangco has passed away in a lethal accident. he was loved by people for his positive approach and attitude towards others. he was praised for the contribution of his and his family to the country.

many people gave tribute to him on their social media accounts. people are using social media to express their condolences and sympathy to Cojuangco’s grieving family and friends. people are recalling the positive result he has brought in Tarlac. May God give rest to his soul.

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