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Who was Bernadette Connolly and what was her cause of death? Irishwoman Dead Body Photos and Videos


Who was Bernadette Connolly and what was her cause of death? Irishwoman Dead Body Photos and Videos: According to reports, a missing body was found on the British beach. Officials identified that the body was Bernadette Connolly, who was found dead two days earlier. Her daughter Jade confirmed this news on social media. In the post, Jade writes, It was absolutely heartbreaking news that the body of Swordswoman, Bernadette Connolly has now been recovered. My sincere condolences & thoughts and prayers are with her daughter. Jade, her parents & her extended family & friends at this tragic time. May her beautiful soul rest in peace. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bernadette Connolly

Who was Bernadette Connolly?

I and my family are both shocked when I first hear this news. When I saw this news on T.V., I identified that it was my mother Bernadette Connoly who was found dead in Blackpool, England. I always remember her, the past moments which I spent with her, those beautiful days are still in my mind. I can’t forget it. Her strong character, her innocence show how she handles any situation. Thank you mom for taking care of me.

Bernadette Connolly

Mom and I have been staying together for 30 years. For that I am grateful and our memory will live on forever. The relationship between you and me is just like flowers who connect it for some time, living with wholeheartedly and suddenly you passed away.

Bernadette Connolly

Bernadette Connolly Death Cause

On Twitter, she wrote a beautiful message for her which she says, This experience has been incredibly difficult for us and we couldn’t have done it alone. From day one my family and I received so much unconditional and tireless support across the nation and worldwide, for which we can’t express enough gratitude.

Bernadette Connolly

As her daughter, I truly know I did all I could in my power to find her. We prayed for people to light a path to bring her home and we’re so grateful to have her back and can now lay her to rest. This is an accident that no family should ever face like this.

Bernadette Connolly

How did Bernadette Connolly die?

Many of her friends, in the neighborhood, are talking about how did she die. We actually don’t know what’s the death cause. The only reason we know is that she goes to the beach to relax her mind and be stress-free from her life. Because her schedule was very tight and she bares too much time left where she take a look at her life and at her health. So, we should have only one reason why she goes to the beach.

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