Who was Assane Drame? LA Clippers Assistant Assane Drame Killed In Car Accident Death Video Explained: There has been the most saddened demise of a Video assistant of Los Angeles Clipper. The news of the assistant’s demise is making in the news headlines. The LA Clippers are mourning the death of Assane Drame. Assane Drame Car Accident, His death is so shocking for the organization and they are in grief. He was just 26 and died so early. He was so passionate about his work and he did it with dedication. The news of his death was confirmed by the LA Clippers.

Assane Drame

Assane Drame Car Accident Video

He lost his life in a car accident. The collision was horrifying that he lost his life in this. His friend and family are in huge grief as they lost the dearest person of their life. His family isn’t able to bear his loss.  He passed away on Monday and it was the team’s media day. He is a huge loss for his clippers team. He was serving as the video assistant from 2019 and gave him more than 2 years. The official page of the LA Clippers took to Twitter and they pays their tribute to him.

Assane Drame Car Accident Video Explained

The tweet by the organization Los Angeles Clippers wrote, “Assane was the most dedicated and hardworking employee of our organization. His dedication inspired our other employees too. He was the most talented videographer and a loyal employee too. He was the most soft-spoken person and that is what we loved about him. Everyone in the country loved him for his soft nature.”

Who was Assane Drame?

There are numerous questions rising on social media about his death. The users are tweeting about the investigation reports. While they are questioning, Hoe this car accident occurs? Whether it was actually an accidental or intentional act to kill him? When doest the accident took place? From where he was going? At what time incident took place? Does he was taken to the hospital to the emergency services? How long there was a jam on the road?

The answers to all the questions will be known to you after we will receive investigation reports from the police officials. We will be going to update you on the same platform so bookmark our site.


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