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Who was Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff’s and what was his cause of death? YouTuber Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff’s dead aged 57


Who was Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff’s and what was his cause of death? YouTuber Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff’s dead aged 57: A piece of saddest news is coming into the headlines that a Norwegian YouTuber Tor Eckhoff aka Apetor has passed away, unfortunately, while shooting a video for his own Youtube channel. The news of his demise has been surfacing on the internet. His sudden death has come out as a big shock to everyone. Prior to his death, he celebrated his 57th birthday on 22 November and he also uploaded his last video on his Youtube channel with the title “I Am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today”. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about him and the incident that happened to him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff

Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff Death Cause

As per the reports, Tor Eckhoff has died on Saturday following his walk over an ice-laden lake. Tor Eckhoff aka Apetor, the adventure vlogger went on a trip to an icy lake and passed away while shooting an adventure video for his Youtube channel. His partner has made the news public of his passing. As per the Norwegian outlet Verdans Gang, the incident took place at Jakobs Dam, located near the town of Kongsberg. His family members are devastated by this news. His family is in deep grief right now. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.


Who was Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff?

Talking about Tor Eckhoff, so he was a famous and talented content creator. He was also a Youtuber and was born on 22 November 1964 in Norway. Being a Youtuber, he was known as Apetor. He was also a producer and director, and best-known for his films including Rude Tube and On Thin Sea Ice 2, among others. He was a well-known Youtuber who had gained more than 1.2 million subscribers and around 400 million views on his Youtube channel. He also documented his Norwegian travels on his Youtube channel.

How did Apetor aka Tor Eckhoff die?

He was often spotted while doing skating on frozen lakes and showing scenic views with wildlife. Before his death, Apetor posted his last video on 22 November, on the occasion of his birthday with the title, “I am Not Dead, I am 57 Today”. For the last few years, he was uploading videos with similar titles, especially on his birthday. Apetor went on a trip with his partner, Tove Skjerven who confirmed his death news. In an interview, he stated, “We miss him terribly much, and it is a loss that will never let go. He has been everything to me and to our son.” He died on 27 November 2021. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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