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Who was Amir Locke, Shot To Death, Minneapolis Police Shooting Bodycam Video On Reddit explained


Who was Amir Locke, Shot To Death, Minneapolis Police Shooting Bodycam Video On Reddit explained: A piece of news is coming into the headlines right now about Amir Locke who was shot and killed during a homicide incident. The news has been making the headlines since Wednesday. The news has also been going viral on the internet and drawing the attention of people. Amir Locke was a black man who was shot to death on Wednesday. The police investigation is ongoing. A new turn has come into the case after video footage has been found. People have been searching to know the update of the case. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the case update. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amir Locke

Who was Amir Locke?

As per the sources, black man Amir Locke was shot and killed on Wednesday in a downtown apartment by a police officer. The man who was involved in the incident was the Minneapolis SWAT team member. Apart from this, a press conference was held by the police where the officers revealed several details about the case. However, the investigation team is still doing their search to find the suspect. During the police investigation, video footage is discovered and now, the team is looking for more evidence related to the case.

Amir Locke Shot To Death

Amir Locke was a black man and was 22 years old. He was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer. Now, the case has taken a new turn after more than 30 hours of research on the matter. As per the reports, 22 years old black man had a gun and a search team reached his apartment on Wednesday. He passed away at the Bolero Flats Apartment after being shot. Several sources claimed that he was not a target.

According to his cousin, Amir was not a violent person. He was interested in playing basketball and music. Amir had a nickname C-Mo, his loved ones called him by this name. Since the shooting case of Amir came out, a panic state has been created among people after knowing about the involvement of Black Americans.

A flood had come on social media after this shooting incident. People are continuously responding to the matter and demanding justice for the man. Many people have expressed their thoughts on the matter. However, the video footage is yet to be available online. There is no information has come about what the police have found in the footage. We will update our readers soon with more information till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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