Home News Who was Alife Hyatt and what was his cause of death?

Who was Alife Hyatt and what was his cause of death?


Who was Alife Hyatt and what was his cause of death?: In the year 2016, a chocking game was famous among early teenagers and children of the age group 9-11 years old which took several lives. Alfie Hyatt was one of those children who died in that game. As per the reports, Alfie Hyatt was a British child, he choked himself to demise in a try to take part in the famous, life-menacing game among children called the “Choking Game”. It is also called space monkey by some individuals. Much about how Hyatt managed to kill himself has not come to the fore as of now, but the mother of the 10-year-old states that it was the game that took the life of her son. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Who was Alife Hyatt?

The cause of the death of Alfie Hyatt was choking or technically known as cerebral hypoxia. He passed away in the month of March 2016, as per the Lancashire Post while the game or the challenge was most agitated. Though the game is also known as the Space Monkey and Black Out Challenge in some parts of the globe.

Alife Hyatt Death Cause

While trying the challenge, children volunteer to squeeze out air from another child as the game is played in pairs until the last moment brings about them to pass out. The challenge began in the United States Of America but has shifted to the United Kingdom and other parts of the world as well, and a rising number of videos being published on the Internet has made it easier for children to follow instructions.

As per TIME, over 80 young girls and boys have passed away due to the game including Alfie and the game has become a major concern for the authorities and parents.

Alfie Hyatt Age And Bio 

The actual age of Alfie Hyatt at the time of his demise was 10. He would have been of 15 years old as now if he was to be alive. The teenager had his promising life ahead but a big mistake stopped him from growing up and took his life at a young age.

Alfie does not have a Wikipedia profile for his bio and wiki, but we have covered everything to know about the teen.

The parents of Alfie Hyatt have not come to the fore. His mother now believes the life of her son was taken by stupid games which have claimed the lives of around 80 others. The father’s details are not known yet.

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