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Who was AJ Rosen and what was his cause of death? Former Olympic luge athlete dead aged 37


Who was AJ Rosen and what was his cause of death? Former Olympic luge athlete dead aged 37: The ultimate demise of a popular former Olympic luge athlete has died at the young age of 37. The passing news of the athlete was reported on Sunday, 20th December 2021. Since his passing news has appeared his fans and friends were in deep mourning. Yes, your assumption is right we are talking about former British Olympic luge athlete AJ Rosen who passed away due to cancer. After two months of his passing his name is once again in the limelight due to his friend who paid tribute to him. As per the latest report, Rupert Staudinger paid tribute to his former teammate AJ Rosen at the Beijing Winter Olympics after he died shortly prior to Christmas. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

AJ Rosen

Who was AJ Rosen?

The 3-time Olympic Luger who recorded the best ever result of GB at the World Cup passed away. Hence, Staudinger has stated that he will be “sliding for Rosen in Beijing” and that he will wear a custom-made helmet to celebrate his former teammate. Staudinger who concluded 33rd on his Olympic debut in PyeongChang, 11 places behind Rosen, will wear a helmet that says: “Rest In Peace AJ”.

Staudinger informed Discovery and EuroSport: “This Olympic Winter Games will be for him. I have my helmet with a little and sweet memory on it saying “rest in peace AJ”, so “I am going to be sliding for him, surely. The way he taught me how luge works as well as the way he described all his experiences just had a huge impact on me. There has been so much going on recently- positives, negatives, but especially negative moments with the death of AJ. It is not believable sad as he was more than a team-mate but a really good and nice friend.”

AJ Rosen Death Cause

Former British Olympic luge athlete AJ Rosen has passed away of cancer at the young age of 37. His death news was informed by Luge GB who announced that Rosen, who participated at the Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010, and PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games, passed away on Sunday after a “fierce fight” with the deadly disease.

The American-born Rosen obtained the best place concluded for a British luger in history when concluded 6th at a World Cup race in the country Canada in the year 2009. In further addition to this, he campaigned for more investment into the sport after the funding of skeleton was drastically increased after their recent haul of medals.

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