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Who was Aaron Tschritter, Missing Canadian died in Car Accident in Texas


Who was Aaron Tschritter, Missing Canadian Aaron Tschritter died in Car Accident in Texas: Aaron Tschritter is a 29-year-old Canadian man who has been declared missing on his way to Texas in the USA, the information which has reached us is that Aaron Tschritter was involved in a car accident but these claims are not going to be valid. Aaron Tschritter was last seen on Thursday leaving the Vinty Club. He went missing at 2810 Elm St. in Deep Ellum around 2:00 am, leaving Vinty Club in downtown Dallas, his wife Melissa said in a social media post on Friday, he was not in his hotel room in the morning and did not show up for the game in the afternoon, this has been stated by her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Aaron Tschritter Car Accident

Who was Aaron Tschritter?

She has further stated that he has made no contact with the family as of yet which is incredibly unlike him, his phone is going straight to voicemail, we have checked his location, credit card statements, etc. We have also called at least 10 hospitals in the area to see if she may be there. Aaron Tschritter is a local realtor with Century 21, he is described as Caucasian, five foot 10, and has 190 pounds with short and brown hair, hazel eyes, and a birthmark on his forearm. According to the posts which have come on social media, his phone is going straight to voicemail.

Aaron Tschritter Car Accident

It seems like the investigations are going on as of this point in time and there are going to be further revelations in the case in the coming days and weeks, the authorities are on their toes in order to find out about where he is and it seems like people in the community are also on alert. The authorities have stated they have opened up a file, anyone contacting them can reference file number 213579-2021. We are going to be coming up with further details as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story.

The death in a car accident is a piece of very common news to hear these days but we can’t imagine the pain of their loved ones. One such family is going through this immense pain as their hope breaks after they got to know about the death of their loved, one who was missing. They hoped that they can reunite but get devasted after knowing that the missing person is reported dead. As per the report, a Canadian man who was listed as missing while visiting Texas for a Dallas Cowboys football game on Thanksgiving was assassinated in a car crash. His missing, as well as death news, is informed by his family on Saturday.

The name of the deceased person is Aaron Tschritter, a 29-year-old realtor from Chilliwack, British Columbia was alleged to Dallas police as missing after failing to show up as expected for the game which was held at AT& T Stadium Thursday afternoon. In a social media post written by his wife, Melissa in which she said Tschritter had traveled with friends to watch the Cowboys game but he never showed up to the game.

Aaron Tschritter died in Car Accident

On Saturday, Melissa posted an update on the story of her Instagram handle which stated that she got to know the news of Tschritter after she arrived in Dallas to search for him the day prior. He was last seen leaving Vinty Club, 2810 Elm St. in Deep Ellum, around 02:00 AM. As per the post, he was offered a ride back to his hotel by a man who owned a BMW.

Melissa stated in the post, “Anyone who knows Aaron knows his love for performance cars. He was viewing Aaron what the car was capable of when they lost control. Both of them did not make it.” On Saturday, Melissa confirmed her husband’s death news on Facebook as she mentioned that her husband died in a lethal car accident. She wrote, “Heading home today empty-handed. The love of my life was in a lethal car accident in Dallas Texas attempting to get back to his hotel. I appreciate everyone who has reached out, shared, and assisted in any capacity at this time.”

Missing Canadian Aaron Tschritter Car Accident

Aaron died when the vehicle he was traveling in struck an electric pole on the Good Latimer Expressway in Dallas. The deceased father stated his son was in a BMW when the collision has happened. He states, “I believe the driver was viewing Aaron what his car could do, and sadly the consequences were lethal. I would like to thank all for their help in attempting to find my son.”

Dallas police state that a grey 2015 BNW M4 collided on the expressway around 02:00 AM strike with a building and a utility pole. The automobile caught fire and the 2 men inside the car were announced dead on the spot.

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