Home News WHO Warns of Deadlier Variants World Faces Going ‘Back To Square One’

WHO Warns of Deadlier Variants World Faces Going ‘Back To Square One’


The situation which has come because of COVID is again raising many concerns as the Director-General of the World Health Organisation has stated that the countries who have seen high rates when it comes to vaccination and the countries who are seeing a dip in the number of cases can again see themselves in a situation which they faced in the month of March in the year 2020.

WHO Warns of Deadlier Variants

WHO Warns of Deadlier Variants

Dr. Tedos has been the person who took the initiative to advocate the high-income countries to share the vaccine with the other countries who are suffering from the unavailability of vaccines as he has stated that if the countries are going to be focusing on their own citizens then their Coronavirus will never be eliminated and by this approach, there’s a complete chance that Corona breakouts are going to occur frequently and to avoid that countries need to understand that they need to unite with each other to stop the pandemic.

He has also stated on Wednesday that there are going to be more deadly variants than the delta which is already causing such devastation as he further stated that if there are going to be more variants then the chances are going to increase of the world to go back to square one and more lives are going to be lost in the course.

He further stated that the countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many of the countries throughout Europe have managed to vaccinate more than 50% of the population and many of the countries are even close to vaccinating about 70% of the population but he further stated that many of the countries which are in Africa and in the Middle East have been struggling to vaccinate their people and that too who are at high risks such as elderly people and the health care workers which is a big concern for the world.

His Concern

His concern is pretty simple yet complicated, he is starting that the pandemic would have been over by now if the vaccines were distributed equally amongst the countries and we all would have been happy but it seems like that the distribution of the vaccine has been chaotic and that is the reason that some of the countries are seeing the shortage when it comes to the availability of vaccine.

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