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Who was Rod Marsh and what was his cause of death? Australian cricketer dead at 74


Who was Rod Marsh and what was his cause of death? Australian cricketer dead at 74: So, this is news about a legendary player whose name is Rod Marsh. He was an Australian goalkeeper known for his great skills. Recently, a piece of news came out that he was officially dead. Yes, he lost his life at the age of 74. Officials say before he dies he was suffering from a heart attack in Bundaberg last Thursday which he doesn’t have control over. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rod Marsh

Who was Rod Marsh?

He played 96 games for Australia in the year 1970 to 1984 out of 84 he won and the rest of them he lost. Now he became one of the top players in the country and still, no one has reached his position yet. Not even one. In the Bundaberg Hospital, someone confirmed that Marsh was transferred interstate on Monday in a critical situation. His condition was not good.

How did Rod Marsh die?

Two decades ago, Rod moved to Adelaide when he became a coach at the National Cricket Academy. His wife Ros and his children Paul, Dan, and Jamie also moved with him. Paul, the former chief executive of the Australian Cricketers Association and now AFLPA chief executive passed a statement that his father was currently in the fight for his life. The Australian Test cricket captain whose name is Pat Cummins gave an insight into the security arrangements for the team’s trip to Pakistan. It’s worse. Currently, they are waiting for the game and we don’t sure if they take an action or not.

Rod Marsh Death Cause

Some reports say that people are now showing interest in his father’s condition and our family has been inundated with messages of love and support from around the world. We’ve heard and read all of this and are so grateful. Rod Marsh was a kind, gentle, loving, and caring personality. He did not harm others for his own benefit. His intention was not to hurt the people’s hearts rather help others. If you dig more into his personal life then you’ll know how close he was to his family, to his parents, and to his kids.

Talking about his marriage life, he married a gorgeous wife whose name is Rose. They both met in the match. Many claims that when they both met, they got love at first sight and fell in love. After that, they both go into a relationship, and finally, the two got married. After a year, they got kids and move on to his life. Now, the kids are mature and living their own life.

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