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Who Raped Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga recalls the trauma of being raped at 19


Lady Gaga has revealed some painful events that she has faced in her life, about some hurtful experiences that she wish that no one goes through as she recalled on the internet that how he got sexually abused and had been left pregnant she was just 19 years old, she has been also known as Stefani Germanotta as she spoke in an episode in which she was talking about the stories that have happened in the past when she was not at all famous.

Lady Gaga

Who Raped Lady Gaga?

‘The me you can’t see’ is the name of the series that she has been a part of in which she has stated about this situation which is a series that is a documentary series that has been made by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry who are trying to remove off the deep stigma that people have about the mental health and to start a dialogue for the same.

and in the series that she has recorded some shocking events that have happened with her that relate to horrific assaults, long-lasting trauma and also talked about a person who kidnapped her and kept her for a long time and then returned to her parents and also an incident where she was asked to remove her clothes which has something to do with “will be burned” and when she spoke about this she got teary.

Lady Gaga recalls the trauma of being raped

She has stated in the episodes that she has been constantly raped when she was at the age of 19 and she was being raped by someone she knew, Prince Harry has also stated that ‘Grandma Diana’ are the first words Archie’s uttered in the series of the mental health with Oprah Winfrey.

in which she talked about a famous music producer but she didn’t name him who used to keep her locked in the studio for about months and that used to assault her sexually and she told about another story in which went to talk to a music producer for some professional talk and he told her to take off her clothes to which she said no and then she walked off but the people there told her that they are going to burn off her music to dust and then for a moment she froze and after that, she doesn’t remember much.

she has also stated the reason for not telling the name of the person who used to assault her as she has said that she doesn’t want to be a part of me too movement and she chooses not to name the person and further called the system pretty abusive and also pretty dangerous.

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