Who owns Island Personal Training?: A gym chain in northern California is making the headlines after they had been indulged in criticism by a rant about an Asian massage parlor. They called the Asian massage parlors Shady and Dirty, it has created a fit of anger among the Asians and other users too. Now the gym is facing the lash from the community members in Almeda as they were seen attacking Asian Americans with racists and offensive words against their massage parlor. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Island Personal Training

Who owns Island Personal Training?

Ereck Peck from Alameda was a commentator who has been taking to the Facebook group page who has been the owner of Island Personal Training give a detailed description of the company’s massage services. So if we have look at the rant then it clearly shows hatred which has been towards the Asians. The gym has its own website and n this they used a rant against the Asians. Thye advertised their massage therapist as a people who used to speak in English. Thye also said they are not like “Shady Asian massage parlor.” So let us tell you that this is something which is inappropriate and become the most discussed topic on the web.

People on the web are keen to know who owns Island Personal Training, so let us inform you guys that he is Jason Wilson. His business spreading hatred and this isn’t a good sign even of his own business as he is under the fire now.

In regard to the same Cynthia Choi gave a statement which reads, “It is so disappointing that gym targeted the Asian women and Asian businesses were targeted.”

She further added that “such racist and commentary adds as the stereotypes that are not only counted as the criticisms and resisting but really dangers for the communities.”

This rant from their side caused damage to their business as their site and Facebook page is seemingly down now. Well, it is not only the very first incident as in the US there is Anti-Asian violence is on rising these days, in the last month we have been reported that a man pushed an Asian Woman who was almost to her death at Time Square.

While in 2021 a young man was recorded in a video, in which he had been seen sucker-punching an elderly Asian-American woman. So such Anti-Asian violence incidents are taking place day after day in the US.


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