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Who owns Boppy? Recalled Boppy Newborn Lounger After 8 Infants Suffocate And Die


Who owns Boppy? Recalled Boppy Newborn Lounger After 8 Infants Suffocate And Die: Boppy is the most popular baby brand and the parents use to be trusted with this brand for their infants. They had blind trust in the products of this brand. But there is a huge issue seen and the brand name has been dragged in the headlines. They sell the infant lounger pillows, regarding this they face d unprecedented crisis, as this product has been recalled from the market. The reason behind this has been unveiled below.

Recalled Boppy Newborn Lounger

Who owns Boppy?

The consumer product safety commission has been announced or declared their report against the brand after examining one that there are almost eight deaths of eth against which is due to this product of the company. As per the claims made by the parents, “Their babies died while sleeping on these pillows and it is due to the suffocation and which leads to the design of these pillows.” `The brand Booppy preferred babies product include Nreborn Loungers and Pottery Barm Kids Boppy Newborn. Whereas the authorities recalled their catered specifically on the Boppy Original Newborn Loungers.

Recalled Boppy Newborn Lounger

The product is also available at retail outlets including Walmart, Target, and other e-commerce platforms or marketplaces. You may also get it on the most famous and highly popular market place Amazon. Between 2004 to 2021 the company already sold put 3.3 million pillows all around the U.S. And in Canada, they sold 3,500 pillows.

As per the reports pass by the CPSC the babies died to the suffocation and it was all due to these pillows. The death of the infant took place from December 2015 to June 2020. The chairmen of CPSC, Robert Adler, say that “as we know that infant sleep most of the time and for long hours, thus the product itsn;t design in that way. This is the reason this causes suffocation of so fats, hence it will be risky to keep that product on the market.” He further added that this incident is so heartbreaking.

After this, the spokesperson of Boppu releases a statement which he is using for an apology. His statement reads, “We are disheartened to hear about the death of the innocent infants. We are committing to do all the possible efforts and ensure our customers for the safety of their infants. The brand also issues the warnings on the Boppy Original Newborn Loungers, which all against the unsupervised use of the product.”

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