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Who was Mohammad Yaqoob Dar and what was his death reason? Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat member shot dead


Who was Mohammad Yaqoob Dar and what was his death reason? Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat member shot dead: A  strange gunman had been shot dead by a village head of Kulpora-Srandroo neighborhood of South. The man has been now identified as Mohammad Yaqoob Dar. This strange gunman was fired upon the Panch, Mohammad Yaqoob Dar son of Ghulam, of Sundoo Kulgam this evening. He had been later rushed to the hospital where doctors observed him and they finally di listed that he had been brought dead at the hospital. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mohammad Yaqoob Dar

Who was Mohammad Yaqoob Dar?

This incident took place in Srinagar on March 2 and now it is making the headlines on all the media channels of the country. The terrorist was shot and killed a Pamch while he was in the Korpola district of Kashmir’s Kurgan district. It has been said from the source that terrorists shot Ghulam’s son Panch, whose name is Mohammad Yaqoob Dar, from Sundoo Kulgam tonight. Just after this, he was rushed to the hospital, and then doctors announced him dead there.

His family members are grieving his loss as he s the dearest person in his family. His mother is completely devastated and she is not in the state to face the media either she is able to react to any of the questions. A pan of losing a son is only explained by a mother as she has been not given any of the sections since she has been losing her son. The death of her son is unenviable for her. Only a mother can know the pain of losing her child in front of her eyes.

Mohammad Yaqoob Dar Death Reason

Medical Director who is from the  Kurgan District Hospital, and a doctor there, confirmed that Dar was taken dead at the hospital. He was gunshot wounds to his neck and chest and he was in the blood, the last so much blood from his body after which it was so obviously not to be alive. A family is heartbroken as seeing their child in this condition is not easy for them and they are in huge pain as they lost their most believed son.

Police officers said that they ate now investigating the incident deeply and the reports will going to be united later. So you guys, just need to keep more patience until there will be no reports from the officials.  Dar was an independent personality and was actively working for the welfare of the people.

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