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Who Killed Rachael Deltondo? Murder Case Update


Who Killed Rachael Deltondo? Murder Case Update: A 33-year-old teacher named Rachael Deltondo was shot down outside her home by an unknown person and after three years, cops are still searching for answers about her murderer. In this article, we’ll cover about her how did she die. Without wasting any time, let’s begin. Many people remember a case where Rachael Detltondon was murdered and there was no witness and no evidence that could lead to a person behind the murder. However, there is a suspect and the suspect is in prison for another homicide. The whole incident happened in 2018 and the police have not stopped their investigation until the culprit was found. This case again appears in the media’s attention and has caught much attention. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rachael Deltondo

Who Killed Rachael Deltondo?

There are not any significant developments in Rachael Deltondo which came to appear in the public. But the prime suspect in her murder case is Sheldon Jeter Jr., who is sitting in jail for another homicide. Sheldon is said to have had a loving involvement with Rachael. Sheldon was a high school student. A police report also claims that Rachael and Sheldon were discovered together in a car in an abandoned location. Rachael, on the other hand, stated that they are chatting and that she does not want her fiance to know. Sheldon must have killed Rachael, according to Rachael’s mother, who disputes that her daughter was in a relationship with him. After watching, 48 hours of episodes. They are a great way to understand the nuances of the case and what are things known so far. There are some hints of the developments in the case but it is not known whether it is significant or not.

Rachael Deltondo Death Cause

Rachael Deltondo was murdered on the spot when she came out of her house. The day when she was shot, she is coming back from home having some fun with her friend and sharing the moments of her life that are currently going on by eating ice cream. She and her friend had a deep conversation about the best moments of her life and recalled her past memories according to some sources. When the police started their investigation, the initial suspect goes to her fiance Frank Catroppa, but as of now, he has been removed from the suspect list because there is no evidence linked to him. During the night of the murder, some text messages were found on Sheldon’s phone, Police consider him as a suspect but there is no solid evidence that can find him guilty.

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