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Kalicharan Maharaj: Why was Kalicharan Maharaj Arrested After Video Goes Viral – Age, Wife, Biography, and, more!


Who is Kalicharan Maharaj, Why was Kalicharan Maharaj Arrested After Video Goes Viral – Age, Wife, Biography, and, more!: Kalicharan Maharaj this name is scattering all over the web as everyone is getting eager to know why he had been arrested? So you guys are at the brought platform and will be going to get the complete details on him. His name is related to the colonial period and here you will get to know all about his arrest. So without any more delay let’s get into the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kalicharan Maharaj

Why was Kalicharan Maharaj Arrested

We all know that it was Mahatma Gandhi who provided freedom to the country and freed the county from the British colonization. And faster this he had been killed by Nathuram Ghodse. Kalicharan Maharaj was the one who later said that “Nathuram Ghodse was isis a good thing by killing Gandhi.” Then he has been said that ” I stand by heat I had been said against him.” And that is that made him liable under section 505 of IPC. Now the question is, Does he has been arrested?


Who is Kalicharan Maharaj? Age, Wife, Biography

Kalicaharan Mharaj’s nationality is Indian and his parents have him in high regard. His father was Dhananjay Drag and his mother was Sunita Devi. His mother was a housewife.

Kalicharan Maharaj has been belonging to a middle-class family and they even got tense as he has to feed his family three times a day which wasn’t so easy for him sometimes. So his father owns the medical business in Akola and he didn’t share any of the pictures of himself with his father. So he also jas siblings but they insist on any of the information about his siblings yet.

Kalicharan Maharaj Hate Speech Video

After reaching his Instagram account, we get to know that his mother is no more in this world. So there isn’t much Infomation available about his family.

He belongs to the Hindu religion and is also from the Jat caste he is a devote of god. He used to look like a priest as he carries from color attire and he also applies Tika on his head. These are getting excited to know more about his persona and married life. So let us tell you that he isn’t married yet as he is a “Brahmachari”.

He was born in 1972 and his age is 40 now, and after his comment on Gndahis killing made him famous but with a negative impact on his image in front of the country.

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