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Who Is Zul Ariffin? Actor Zul Ariffin New Drama – Age, Instagram (IG) and, more!


Who Is Zul Ariffin? Actor Zul Ariffin New Drama – Age, Instagram (IG) and, more!: The fans are always getting excited whenever their beloved actors/actresses announce their upcoming projects. They are desperately looking to know more about it and whenever the teasers are out it creates a buzz amongst onlookers, But this time a teaser of the upcoming show created a controversy. Malaysian actor Zul Ariffin got into trouble and sparked controversy when he shared a few clips from his forthcoming movie titled “Perempuan Itu”. The teasers of the latest drama viewed Zul Ariffin and the actress Siti Hariesa displaying their characters in steamy and suggestive positions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Zul Ariffin

Who Is Zul Ariffin?

Through the video, Zul is watched acting in some hot scenes with the new actress. In one of the scenes, the character of Siti Hariesa fed the character of Zul Ariffin whipped cream using her finger. Amongst others that stole the spotlight was when Zul embraced the body of Hariesa and carried the lady front the front.

Not only that but there is also a rather exciting scene when Hariesa feeds “whipped cream” into the mouth of Zul prior to finishing it. In the comments section, the average cybercitizen was surprised by the video posted by the 35-year-old actor, apart from those who considered the scene to be a bit shocking. ”

Zul Ariffin Instagram

The drama film “Perampuan Itu” is reportedly slated to be released at the time of the month of Ramadan, to cybercitizen’s disgust. They did not like viewing the advertisements for the movie either. The netizens wrote, “There are more and more r@pe cases after this. It is like a p*rn movie.”

“Whoever made a story like this, does not suit us Muslims.”

“The Malaysian story’s brain is rusty. Hmm scared.”

“I want to enter Ramadan, this is the style of the story.”

That is the part of the comments of the netizen on Instagram Zul. To date, the partnership of Zul has got over 150,000 views and 1,600 comments.

Zul Ariffin New Drama

Due to the backlash, the actor has since deleted the video from his Instagram account. Nonetheless, cybercitizens who disagreed with the film content were still shocked and outraged. Cybercitize believes the movie is unsuitable for the Malaysian crowd, especially among Muslims, at the time of Ramadan. For many of them, the movie promoted soft p**n and they questioned why TV3 greenlit the movie. They wondered how the firm censored some words but the suggestive scenes in the movie were permitted.

In the spite of negative reception, some cybercitizens recommended others to keep an open mind because it featured real-life.

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