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Who Is Zack Bonfilio Aka themisfitpatriot3.0? Misfit Patriot and Modern Warrior TikTok Drama Explained


Who Is Zack Bonfilio Aka themisfitpatriot3.0? Misfit Patriot and Modern Warrior TikTok Drama Explained: The social media platform is full of many interesting things. One such new drama going on between Modern Warrior and Misfit Patriot in TikTok is drawing the attention of social media users. Netizens on social media are reacting to Misfit patriot comments on Modern Warrior being a paedophile. The Denver indigenous and local advocate named Modern Warrior on TikTok has been speaking to the public about the hate that people of the indigenous communities get in society. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Zack Bonfilio Aka themisfitpatriot3.0

Misfit Patriot and Modern Warrior TikTok Drama Explained

Modern Drama and Misfit Patriot have some different opinions which have made a drama on TikTok. Misfit Patriot is called a racist who resists the advocation of Modern Warrior for black people. Modern Warrior who actual name is Lan Tsosie is a descendant of the Navajo people. He was also raised up in a Navajo nation in a small community named Mexican Water. He has talked up for native Americans since the lockdown began, as per the interview on Youtube.



Things did not work out very well for the misfitpatriot. Not only is Modern Warrior the most beautiful and gorgeous Indigenous man on the planet, this man bench presses over 435lbs! What was the misfit thinking? Keep educating the crowds, Lance! We appreciate who l!


He uses his social media handles to discuss the problems and hate that native Americans have to face. He gets support from several people but the criticism and hate he has to face every day amount to equal. One of his haters who name is Misfit Patriot on TikTok actual name is Zack Bonfilio. People are headhunting him now since he has removed most of the videos and social media posts.

Who Is Zack Bonfilio Alias themisfitpatriot3.0?

Zack Bonfilio alias themisfitpatriot3.0 is stated to be a person from Texas who works in Tiling. Some users on Twitter stated that he is the owner of the tiling. However, there is not much background detail accessible about him on the web, he certainly is labelled as a racist. Some time ago, awoke soldier named Cindy Bronson also reacted in one of his racist videos.


After a few days, he stated that he has hired an advocate after the issue with Lan went behind control. Though, it is rumoured that his advocate has left the case. There is several supports for Lan from the public. He has garnered 2.5 million followers on TikTok and 122K on Instagram.

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  1. Zach Bonfilio lives in Texas now, however he’s from Dedham, Massachusetts, where the rest of his family still resides in Marshfield & Dedham.


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