Who Is West Elm Caleb on Tiktok? Age, Instagram, and, more!: A man has been going viral on TikTok and gaining lots of attention from the people. He has been collecting everyone’s attention, not for good reasons but for all wrong or negative reasons. As per our information, he dated and hosted several women in the areas of New York City. There are many people who want to know more about him and his life. He is mainly going viral on the TikTok platform where several women are sharing their experience and disappointment of dating him. He has become a hot topic of discussion on the internet right now. In this article, we have brought all the details of West Elm Caleb. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

West Elm Caleb Tiktok

Who Is West Elm Caleb on Tiktok?

As per the sources, the man is simply referred to as West Elm Caleb. However, later, he was identified as Caleb. As per her Hinge profile, a dating app, he is serving as a furniture designer for the West Elm brand. Recently, he went viral on TikTok, not for any controversial or funny content but due to his serial dating habits. It came to the light when several women took TikTok and shared their disappointment over dating West Elm Caleb. He is 25 years old furniture designer who has been exposed to ghosting many women in New York City area.

West Elm Caleb Tiktok Viral Video Explained

The TikTok users revealed that they met Hunter on Hinge, who serves for the West Elm brand. Several women revealed that they have received endless flirty messages from him before being suddenly simmered by the man. A woman named Kell, under the username @kellsbellsbaby on the platform, TikTok, described the man as tall, artsy, and sporting a mustache. On TikTok, she revealed that she dated him for almost 6 weeks until she learned that West Elm Caleb dated every other woman in New York City.

West Elm Caleb Tiktok: Age, Instagram, and Net Worth

After the experiences of women were shared online, producer Zach Schwartz reacted towards it jokingly and said that it seems like a real John Tucker Must Die scene. As in the film, the ex-girlfriends of a teenager make him fall in love with a girl, only to break up with him. And they do all this to take revenge only. Later, another Tik Tok user @meemshou explained her experience with the man.

Actually, she joked about being iced and stated, “This one’s dedicated to Caleb. No hard feelings though, you were too tall.” Another woman reacted to her videos saying, “He literally love-bombed me, dated me for a month, and then ghosted me.” However, there is not much information is available about him, not even his picture. As soon as we will get any information about him, we’ll let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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