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Who is Veronica Wolski? Chicago woman dies at the center of ivermectin firestorm


A woman has been faced harassment and this is shameful for the rest of society. This incident took place in Chicago. Now the QAnon supporters are protesting against the Chicago Hospital after Volski loses her life in fighting against Covid-19 in the hospital. Now, the organization has been com together and they are raising a voice against the hospital by demanding justice for Wolski. She took her last breathes on Monday morning.

Veronica Wolski

Who was Veronica Wolski?

Veronica Wolski was the most popular name of organization QAnon, as she was an advocate and also known for her action of hanging banners from a bridge of Chicago. Her treatment has going on for weeks but after fighting a lot she loses her life. Her death makes her organization angry and they come together for her.

The confirmation of her death has been got from Telegram which is announced by the theorist of Wolski, Lin Wood, the most popular name of QheAnon and the greatest supporter of it. Wood has a huge amount of followers on Telegram. Lin said that when we get to know that Wolski was treating with the Ivermectin instead of the approved vaccines and drugs, an organization raised their voice against it and tell the hospital not to treat her with ivermectin.

After getting a report of her demise the supporters of QAnon are taken to Twitter and Telegram to pay a tribute to her.

Whereas we have a statement of Olga Solares a spokesperson OF (Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center) who claims that, “We can surely say that this patient has been passed away early in a morning. Well, we aren’t going to say much about that patient or at the topis.”

Ron Filipkowski wrote, “Micahel Flynn and Lin Wood both were tried their best to tell the hospital to treat their friend ivermectin. Followers of Lin Wood posted about it today only and also share an idea of smuggling it into her. ” He also wrote, “Wolski was a so-called “Peoples Bridge,” where she was used to dropping disinformation leaflets off a bridge which in Chicago. And she was in hospital fighting against covid since two weeks”

Whereas easy words wood is claiming and alleviating a  hospital that they murder her friend Wolski by denying to not give her ivermectin. Wolski might be getting well if the hospital gives her ivermectin.

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