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Who is Vernon Dwayne Crider? Frontier Airlines pilot Vernon Dwayne Crider arrested


Who is Vernon Dwayne Crider? Frontier Airlines pilot Vernon Dwayne Crider arrested: There has been an arrest of Vernon Dwayne Crider who is a pilot of Frontier Airlines, he has been arrested for Voyeurism, here are all the details of the incident, he has been taken into custody by the authorities, he was found hiding a spy camera in the bedroom window of a Florida College student. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Vernon Dwayne Crider

Who is Vernon Dwayne Crider?

He is a 55-year-old man who is working as a pilot in Frontier Airlines, he has been arrested recently for secretly recording a college student with a spy camera, the 19-year-old girl belongs to Florida, she discovered the hidden camera in the window of her bedroom.

She believes whoever has done this was intending to record her in the bedroom which is supposed to be her private space, the mini hidden spy pen camera was found by the police, the pen was having a sim card with pictures of an airplane cockpit and also the hotel room, a deleted image was recovered from the card which showed a legal settlement with Crider’s signature.

Vernon Dwayne Crider

The mother of the victim has also shared her thoughts, she stated she has not returned to the apartment because of the frightening incident, she has also questioned how many victims have been there because the pilot has been traveling to these different countries and he probably stays in different apartments.

Vernon Dwayne Crider arrested

The attorney of the pilot has not stated a statement on the matter and he is waiting for the full case from the prosecutor, the license of the pilot is still intact as of this point in time, he has been arrested for committing voyeurism, he has been accused of cutting a tiny hole on a window of a woman with an intention to record her.

Vernon Dwayne Crider

She found out about the hidden camera after there was a green flashing light which lit in her bedroom, she went outside to inquire about the light and she discovered the camera, it was about the size of a cigarette lighter. The mother of the victim has stated that she learned about the hidden camera as it was raining that day and the device happened to reboot.

There has been no statement from the company about the whole situation but surely they will come out with one and he is surely going to be suspended by the company and his license is also going to be canceled, for the most part, we will update you further about the story in the coming days and weeks as there are going to be more revelations in the story.

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