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Who Is Tyler Shultz? All About Theranos Whistleblower- Did George Shultz Apologize To Him?


Who Is Tyler Shultz? All About Theranos Whistleblower- Did George Shultz Apologize To Him?: Tyler Shultz is a whistleblower and entrepreneur from the United States who has currently become a topic of discussion everywhere as he is getting popularity in his career. Yes, you read it right that a new name has come into the world of business. At this time, Tyler Shultz is highly being searched on the internet as many people want to know more about his life and career. Several people have been seeking details about Tyler Shultz. In this article, we are going to provide you with some essential information about the entrepreneur including his age, career, wiki, and many more. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tyler Shultz

Who Is Tyler Shultz?

Tyler Shultz is known as the co-founder and CETO of Flux Biosciences. He is best known for his involvement in exposing the Theranos affair in a series of articles in the Wall Street Journal. Tyler Shultz is a biotechnology researcher and whistleblower from the United States. He is also known as the grandson of George Shultz who was a former Secretary of State and member of Theranos’ board of directors. He is also a consultant for Ethics in Entrepreneurship which is a non-profit organization based in the United States. It mainly promotes ethical business practices among entrepreneurs.

He earned a degree in biology from Stanford and made national headlines at the time he bravely disclosed Theranos’ fraud. He started his career as a research engineer in the year 2013. He served as a researcher at Standford University after serving as a scientist in 2015 at Genia Technology. He is currently co-founder of Flux Biosciences where he worked as a CEO. Once Tyler claimed that his grandfather George Shultz eventually admitted that he was correct but has never apologized to Tyler.

In an interview, Tyler had a conversation about how his participation as a Theranos whistleblower damaged his relationship with George Shultz, his grandfather. George Shultz was a former Secretary of State and Theranos board member. He said that until he forwarded towards the end of his life, senior Shultz didn’t accept his allegation indicating Theranos’ regulatory problems and the flaws of the Edison device. Shultz dropped an audiobook regarding his encounters with Theranos in August 2020, which was narrated by himself. He moved back to Stanford after leaving Theranos to serve as a researcher in the Wang lab where biomarkers were being produced. Tyler Shultz is married to Carolynn Vuong who is a University of California, San Francisco Pediatric Dental Resident. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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