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Who Is Tonita Lorice Smith, Shopping Cart Anthony Robinson Killer Victims – Age and Photos


Who Is Tonita Lorice Smith, Shopping Cart Anthony Robinson Killer Victims – Age and Photos: Everyone on the Internet or web is getting eager to know about her as she is the victim of a murder that took place at the Shopping Cart. But there isn’t any confirmation whether she is actually or not as she has been registered missing by his known ones. After which the officials took to her search, but for so long they didn’t get any clue about her location. So after their more efforts, they finally got her back. Now you guys are must be getting curious to know and where did went. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tonita Lorice Smith

Who Is Tonita Lorice Smith?

So keep up with us, as in the article below we are going to update you with every information about her on the web. Pin reported missing and police started her intensive search but it wasn’t easy for them to find her back. They put all their efforts to get her back to her family and now they are finally got her but this is so sad that they found her dead. There is news that she has been killed by a suspect whose name is Anthony Robinson. And the incident with her took place at the Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart Anthony Robinson Killer Victims

Anthony Robinson is a serial killer and it is not the first time when he killed someone or murdered someone. He was already on the top of the list of the murders for whom officials were searching for so long. And there’s still searching for him so that they can Court him and send him to jail. Whereas Tonita was from Virginia. Now the question is whether it was a random killing of her by Anthony or they already knew each other. Let us tell you that she met him on an online dating site after which he calls her for a date and this is how he executed her killing.

Tonita Lorice Smith: Age and Photos

She was 39 years old and was residing at Charlottesville. She was reported missing on November 19, while she was missing on November 14. And the officials get had a dead body on November 23rd. One more person was found along with her and the name of the lady is Elizabeth red Mann who was 54 years old. And both of them were found dead at the same lot after which officials were also shocked and now they are in a deep investigation.

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