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Who is Tommy Dorfman’s Husband Peter Zurkuhlen? ‘13 Reasons Why’ Star Tommy Dorfman Comes Out as Trans Woman


The thinking of the world has opened to a great extent and now they are adopting Lagbatak with an open heart. For this reason, people who used to hide their real identities are now coming out openly in front of society. In this article, we are mainly focusing on Tommy Dorfman who is popularly known for playing the character of Ryan Shaver in the popular web series of Netflix title “13 Reasons Why”. Tommy took a bold step and converted himself into a transgender woman. Tommy who is 29 years old made the disclosure during an interview which he has given to TIME magazine.

Tommy Dorfman’s Husband Peter Zurkuhlen

Who is Tommy Dorfman’s Husband Peter Zurkuhlen?

As per the reports, around 4 years ago in the year 2017, Tommy declared herself a genderqueer, and at that time Tommy began the use of they/them pronouns. Though, now American actress has taken one more step in what she called her “evolution” and recognized herself as a “Transgender Woman”. Tommy told the TIME magazine, “For the past one year, I have been behind closed doors living and identifying as a woman- a trans woman.”

Tommy continued to say, “It is quite comic to think about appearing, as I have not gone anywhere. I myself view today as a renewal to me as a woman and then I have decided to make a medical transition. Be brought out is always considered as this magnificent reveal, but I was never not out. Now I am clear about myself and accepted myself as a trans woman. My name is Tommy and my pronouns are her/she.”

Tommy also revealed that why she did not change her name and kept it as it is. She informed Torrey Peters, trans novelist, ” I have named after my mother brother name who was demised a month after my birth and that’s why this name is very close to my heart and feels a connection with this, to an uncle who clasps me as he was dying. This is a natural selection of Tommy and now I am becoming more Tommy.”

Tommy Dorfman’s Husband Name Is Revealed

Peter Zurkuhlen who is 33 years old is the husband of Tommy Dorfman. The duo has been tied the wedding knot in the year 2016 after dating each other for several years. As mentioned on the LinkedIn profile of Zurkuhlen, he is presently working as getting Help’s chief of Staff. Not only this he is also the CEO and Founder of ChipChop Holdings, Inc (alias ChipChop Systems) a licensor and developer of patented technology solutions for restaurant and retail order fulfillment.

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