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Who Is TJ Smith, Is Oakboro NC Police Chief Fired Or Suspended? Revealed


Who Is TJ Smith, Is Oakboro NC Police Chief Fired Or Suspended? Revealed: A police chief is currently in the headlines of the newspapers after directing officers to a fraudulent vaccine clinic. The name of the accused is TJ Smith who is the Police Chief of Oakboro Town which is in North Carolina. As per a letter from Town Administrator Doug Burgess, he reportedly violated policies such as deliberate activities that distress the possession of others, fraud, and serving a dispute of interest when he reportedly alerted officers about a plot. If you are looking to know more details on it then read this entire blog from its starts to end. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

TJ Smith

Who Is TJ Smith?

According to the reports, TJ Smith is 42 years old. Discussing his wiki information, he is the Oakboro Police Cheif, and he has been placed on unpaid administrative leave for 2 weeks. As per WSOC and WBTV, Smith was also placed on a period of trial for 6 months. He was placed on a period of trial after it was found he had reportedly committed “willful acts that imperil the property of others and serving a dispute of interest,” as per the letter Smith got from Oakboro Town Administrator Dough Burgess.

Oakboro NC Police Cheif: Is TJ Smith Suspended Or Fired? Resignation Information

According to the reports, Oakboro NC police chief, TJ Smith has been suspended from his job. He has not been dismissed from his post or he has not signed up for registration. In fact, instead of that, he was placed on unpaid leave for 2 weeks, starting from 21st December 2021, and will be subject to a 6-month tentative period.

TJ, North Carolina’s vaccinated police chief, is alleged of troopers and directing officers where to get a Coronavirus inoculation card sans actually receiving the vaccine. Smith is blamed for advising officers about a vaccination clinic where they could receive a syringe to self-inject and throw away of it in a restroom.

He reportedly stated that no matter what the officers did, they would get a COVID-19 immunization card and that there was an accord with the pharmacists. As per WSOC, the town employed a private detective organization to investigate Smith.

TJ Smith Wife and Family Explored

Speaking about the family of TJ Smith information, he looks like to be a married man. Though, the information of his family members, wife, or kids is still not known yet and is under investigation. His family surely be embarrassed by his actions.

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