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Who is Timothy Granison? Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband Arrested, Wiki, Age, Net Worth!


The Mayor of Rochester Mrs. Lovely Waren’s husband has been arrested and also alleged for three more felony charges. He has been arrested along with six more people who were charged during the drug investigation. The charges of owing drugs and weapons found from a house search that Warren shared with her husband Timothy Granison on Wednesday evening.

Timothy Granison

Who is Timothy Granison?

Granison is the husband of Warren and they are the parents of a single child yet. He has been working for CCCS (Catholic Charities Community Services). He was arrested in the case of robbery after which he received five years of probation.

Investigation Begins when:-

Garrison’s arrest has become stemmed from the investigation running by her office for the last seven months, said Sandra Doorley of Monroe County District Attorney.

Doorley also stated that” the investigation was led by the Rochester place and there’s are narcotics teams, while the Granison became the most prospective target, around three months ago, cops of Rochester has been acquired the most crucial part if the investigation so that they can prevent the integrity of the research and investigations for some the essential reasons.”

When was Granison get arrested?

He got arrested while he was traveling in his car on Wednesday, New -York police have been stopped Granison cars on Birch Crescent situated in Rochester and the police found strong proof against him and that was cocaine inside Granison’s car, a statement was given by Major of New York police the Barry Chase.

While in Wednesday evening the police were conducted an investigation at the Warren and Granison resident, at 93 Woodman Park.

What did police found at their resident? 

New York police imposed a search warrant at seven other locations in the city along with Warrens and Granison house. While at their house police founds two kilos of crack cocaine and powder, three firearms, and refile which is semi-automatic and cash around 100,000, stated by Doorley.

Whereas it is yet to be confirmed that rifle is illegal or not, said Barry Chase.

Charges Filled against Granison:-

As per the court documents, Granison is alleged for possessing more than 31 grams of drugs and an unregistered or illegal gun.

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