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Who Is Tim Jansen? Matt Gaetz Ex Girlfriend Age Bio Images Career And Family


Who Is Tim Jansen? Matt Gaetz Ex Girlfriend Age Bio Images Career And Family  Tim Jansen gets into the unanticipated limelight of the media when he represents Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend, Tim Jansen is well known criminal defense legal practitioner who is in this line for almost thirty years. With this enormous experience in his career, he made his name eminent. Why his name is in news headlines nowadays? What is Tim Jansen’s age? or What is Tim Jansen’s net worth? all questions will be answered in this article, read all the paragraphs which are given below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Tim Jansen? Matt Gaetz  Ex Girlfriend Age Bio Images Career Abd Family

According to the reports, Tim Jansen is an expert prosecutor in Health Care Fraud and White Collar Fraud. Recently Tim Jansen represented the ex-girlfriend of Matt Gaetz as he is a specialist criminal defense attorney and he also previously worked as the federal prosecutor. When the media found that Tim Jansen represents Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend media turned the spotlight on him. Matt Gaetz’s girlfriend’s personal details and her name kept private to respect her privacy, Matt Gaetz is allegedly sexually assaulted her and she also testified to herself as she claimed that her ex-boyfriend Matt Gaetz offend her sexually.

Who Is Tim Jansen?

Tim Jansen has a record of protecting many white color cases and exonerating them from all blames in federal court so far. Apart from white-collar cases Tim Jansen also defended successfully Health Care fraud in both State and Federal courts. Tim Jansen has represented many big shots in his career including trainers in university and high school athletes. One of his notables represents is Jameis Winston he is the winner of the Heisman Memorial Trophy in 2014 and many more big names are there. According to his appearance, he might be around his 50s, his actual age has not been revealed by him. Tim Jansen is passed out from  Fredric G. Levin College of Law, the University of Florida where he earned his Juris Doctorate according to Tim Jansen’s LinkedIn profile.

Matt Gaetz Ex Girlfriend Age

Tim Jansen and attorney Davis both have been partners since 1994 for over more than 27 years and focusing on criminal defense. It is assumed that Tim Jansen is having a great fortune due to his massive career and works for over thirty years but actual figures of his net worth are not confirmed. According to a report, the average salary of lawyers or advocates is 148,910 USD in America. Then he must be earning this figure or maybe more than this. Stay tuned for confirmed details of his age and net worth.

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