Who Is Thomas Randele aka Theodore Conrad? Cleveland Bank Robbery Identified: We are here with another crime and this is increasing gradually which is a matter of concern and this must need to be stopped. Thomas Randele has been found to a resident of Massachusetts and he is attempted a crime that made him make the news headlines. His crime is being circulated on social media platforms also. So he has been dragged into the bank robbery and his name is being shown on the list of bank robberies. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Thomas Randele aka Theodore Conrad

Who Is Thomas Randele aka Theodore Conrad?

This has been taken place in Ohio and has been also shown on America’s Most Wanted list. And even in the unsolved mysteries. He is the most wanted one and the police are still giving their best to catch him up. But there is good news that the case is solved now. And the bank officials are in relief now. When police investigated the case they get to know that the culprit was a bank teller at the Society National Bank and this is in Cleveland. And this case is so inspired by the movie which is related to the bank robbery.

Cleveland Bank Robbery Identified

So there is the most interesting turn in the story and that he was using his fake name so that he continue his bank teller work secretly by hiding his identity. This helps him to execute his plan and he is so but he is under the arrest now. And will go to face jail for a long time.  He later left his job in the year 1969 and also contained paperwork of $125,000.

Well as per the source he used to be so friendly and bond-creating man, he even was in a friendship with policemen and he also use to give proper time to his family. He was born in the year 1949 but he was a cancer patient and wad passed at age 71. But his name was in a crime and he has robbed a Bank. He falls in love and tied a knot with Kathy who is still in pain of his loss.

He was even blessed with children and they are also grieving his loss. Later police got to know everything that he robbed a bank and this leads him to face jail. He was also indulged in selling cars He was also an active person in a community.

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