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Who Is Taylor Swift’s Doppelganger Ashley? TikTok star’s Goes Viral On TikTok For Looking Exactly Like Taylor Swift!


The internet is going crazy while they have been witnessing the Dooplanger of Taylor Swift. She is the Tik Tok user and from there she is getting viral as the Doopelanger of Taylor Swift. People are now rushing to her account on Tik Tok. Even a user also gets shocked. Well, you might be getting curious to know more about the doppelganger so we are here with her bio. In this article, you will get to read more about her.

Taylor Swift’s Doppelganger Ashley

Who Is Taylor Swift’s Doppelganger Ashley?

The user getting viral on the internet as the Doopelemager of TS is named Ashley and she is with the handle @traumarn13. She has been over 1,30,000 followers on the TIK TOK. People use to love her content hence she has over 2.7 million likes on her Tik Tok videos.

Ashley becomes an internet sensation after sharing a stage with a singer of the song You Need To  Calm Down Singer. Sharing a stage has been made her trending on the internet and people are seeing her as the doppelganger of Ts.

Ashley is also blessed with a daughter and she even has a boyfriend as per the video son her Tik Tok account reveals. She featured her boyfriend in the videos also but his cemetery didn’t unveil yet. Whereas her daughter is also seen in the videos. She is dam cute.

Even in one of the videos, Ashley shows the reaction of her daughter while she is scrolling Netflix she has been shocked to see Taylor on the platform. As she taught that it was her mother.Swift Look

The Instagram handle of Ashley is @TaylorSwiftLookalike and she has a good amount of followers on the platform. She even has an account on Cameo App. Recently Ashley has been shared a clip in which we can see her school laundry routine, which has a bottle of tied and a bathtub. If you going to watch a video you will see that it is Taylor but this will be your eyewash as she is none other than Ashley.

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