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Who is Tasha Smith? Was Michael K. Williams Married with Her?


There has been a sad demise of Michael K Williams, the American actor has made a name for himself by portraying a gay man on-screen and his role has become so much popular among audiences all over the globe and since his death, people have been trying to know more about his personal life.

Michael K. Williams

Was Michael K. Williams Married?

The actor was “face down” and was unconscious in the dining room of his penthouse which is in Brooklyn, this has been stated by New York Post who have learned about this from law enforcement and the authorities are suspecting, the death has happened because of drug abuse (heroin).

No, the actor was not married and he did not have a wife at the time of his demise, he was a secretive person and kept his personal life behind the curtains, many of the fans have wondered about him being gay because of his exceptional performance as a gay man in the series ‘The Wire’.

Michael K. Williams

He never identified himself as gay, although throughout his career, he has portrayed several roles of homosexual characters, an article has stated which was published by New York Times, the actor had a long history of dating women, and his relationship with Tasha Smith is a well-known one.

Who is Tasha Smith?

He became pretty popular among the masses after he played the character Omar Little om the series ‘The Wire’, the role was a big breakthrough in his career when it comes to redefining the image of an actor, the main conversation which sparked up the conversation about the man is that he is gay in the series and him getting so much praise for playing the role to perfection.

Michael K. Williams

He has once stated in an interview which he gave to New York Times, Omar is everything which he could ever wish for in a role, the character was a dark-skinned man in the hood who never cared about what others think of him. The character has been a big influence as we talk about his career which definitely bloomed up after the series.


Fans are giving tributes to the great actor who has managed to influence so many people by his roles and helped so many gay people to embrace themselves as people are scared to talk about their sexual preference thinking people are going to judge them for being gay but this is just nuisance, you should be proud of you are and you should embrace it just like the character Omar Little.

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