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Who is Tanya? Tiktok Mum Reveals She’s Trolled For Dating Son’s Friend


A mum is in the headlines after she revealed that she is dating a friend of her son. The age gap between them is of 17 years. She is a Tik Tok user, her name is Tanya and she is 40 years old. She has over 42,000 followers. In one of the videos, she introduces t her new beau Josue. This news is getting viral o the Tk Tok platform and the popular are becoming excited and curious to know more about the lady and the reaction she has with a friend of her son.


Who is Tanya?

In the video she posted in this we can read a caption that wrote, “I’m going to reveal my sons that I’m dating t their older friends.” She is him in the video and also claims that her soma kids about it and they will definitely be going to support her. The video has been crossed over five million views and it is flooded with thousands of comments. Whereas many of her followers are seen going against her new relation. Whereas her sons might not have any problem with the new relationship of their mother.

The is a comment by a user on her video which reads, “you are old enough to be his mother rather than his girlfriend, I don’t support this relationship.”

Another comment read,” it sounds weird and it seems that a bit needs a place to stay that’s it.”

Whereas there are comments in which some are seen supporting her and they commented, “no one as right to judges anyone’s relationship, as it must not be their business. And everyone has right to I have the kife according to them.”

Some commented, “I’m in the support and age doesn’t matter at all it’s about understanding and love.”

So, there are numerous comments on this video. Some area in her support while some are aginst of her. But the reality is she is happy with her new boyfriend and what matters for her is the support of her sons. They are dating each other for one year and now they feel like revealing their relationship as they are in love.

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