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Who is Tammy Collins? Kirk Franklin’s Wife Befitting Reply For Abusing Son Kerrion Viral Audio


Recently, Kirk Franklin who is a Gospel Musician has come into the headlines for a heated argument with his own son Kerrion Franklin. On March 13, his son uploaded a video on his Instagram account in which his and Kirk’s heated argument was recorded. In the audio, Kirk was threatening his son saying “I will break yo neck n****.” Kerrion revealed that the recording which he shared on his social media account was recent. He adds that even before Kirk has been used abusive language for him and for that he got an apology.

Tammy Collins

Who is Tammy Collins? Wikipedia & Biography

The disappointment for Kirk’s behavior still remains in the people but now his wife is also getting hatred on the internet. As many people have listened to that video recording which is shared by Kerrion, they are pointing out that a voice is coming in the background which was the sound of a lady laughing. So, it is believed that the sound belonged to Kirk’s wife Tammy Collins. We would like to tell you that Tammy Collins is the second wife of Kirk Franklin and stepmother of Kerrion. Kerrion’s biological mother is not known. Tammy Collins married Kirk Franklin in 1996. The couples have completed 25 years of their togetherness.

At the time of their marriage, they both had one chile with previous partners. Kirk has one son named Kerrion and Tammy has a girl named Carrington. Kirk’s second wife is a former makeup artist and now known as Kirk’s wife. After their marriage, they both have 2 children together- Kennedy and Caziah respectively. Once Kirk said, “Men can be dumb at times, and want what’s newer, fresher, or what our other ‘head’ thinks is better. To cheat on Tammy is to cheat on the Kingdom, my children, and even you”. As we before told you that Kerrion’s relationship is not good with his father and as well as his stepmother. After listening to the video, Kirk Franklin and his wife are facing hatred from the people on the internet. Stick with us to get all the latest updates.

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